Chapter 29 - Meet My Cousin

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[Chloe's POV]

"Mom~ you know that I'm not good with these kind of things" I mumbled and went out. Phew, Chloe just relax and this is gonna be over before you know it.

I slowly knocked at the front door and it opened and with my soul leaving me behind, my jaws dropped as he did too that made both of us look stupid, but I'm more stupid...

He has a white complexion that fits his chocolate brown hair, and when I look closer to his eyes, I knew It could only be a person that I knew before and that I wasn't dreaming, It was my Cousin Jin who I haven't saw for a really long time, only at Facebook but I don't have the courage to chat him but now I have. it's just I'm too busy with such things and my! Look how tall he is :'3

"Chloe??!!" He said in an astonished yet shocked tone. "Jin?!" I squealed as I was bursting out of happiness. He hugged me as I did too. It's like I have a long lost brother who we once saw each other again :')

He welcomed me inside and I looked around the house and there was only a few furniture. As I saw Uncle Jeon Ho, he immediately saw me too and I greeted him. The three of us had a little but fun conversation until I remembered that I was here to invite them to eat breakfast with us, arhhh Chloe.

"Uhh Hey Uncle" I started, "Mom invited you and Jin to have breakfast with us, I bet she prepared something delicious so yeah, the three of us should go now" I added. "Well sure, gladly I haven't prepared breakfast yet, haha" he laugh and we went back to our home and the five of us started eating.


Jin is full of stories, and I can't stop myself from laughing every time he tells funny stories about him and his friends.

"So yeah Jin, what School would you go to? I'm sure that it is no longer in the school you attend before because as I saw in your FB status, it's a long trip from here to there" I spoke as I was watching television, the show was boring though, but Jin was watching it so I can't change the channel :<

"Oh yeah of course, it's no longer there-" he looked back because Mom called him, also me and Uncle.


Guess what Mom told us? 'Go to your Auntie's house Chloe because she's inviting Jin and your Uncle for some welcoming, Me and your Father can't go, we have to go to the grocery' Ok fine, in fact we're already at their door.

"Come on open up" I mumbled, okay I think their busy. Out of nowhere, someone eventually grabbed my wrist and it was Vanessa, woah it's been a long day since I saw her, well of course because I'm on School, and she's here enjoying their vacation here at Korea, pffttt....

"What are you doing here?" she started with a slight mad tone. "Uhh, well we're just here to-" "And whose that guy?" she cut me off and glance at Jin, "Oh, he's my-" "Oh whatever," she did it again -_- how can I finish talking? Tch.

"Let's be clear, don't go near to Sehun, arra? I don't like it" she warned me, let me guess, she likes him too. OH OF COURSE CHLOE SHE DOES, THINK CLEARLY, PFTT "Just because you're with him almost every day, it doesn't mean that I'll just ignore you both" she rolled her eyes. Then why would you tell him to go with you?

In my Mind, I'm already planning of telling her that the two of us already kissed -_- but my subconscious tells me not to, not now. I don't know what's wrong with this girl because she's already hurting me. "Owww Vanessa you're holding my wrist too hard" I moaned, "Hey, stop it" Jin said and I saw how her forehead curled up on both of us. I just shook my head and before I could go near the door she tripped my foot but gladly I didn't fell down cuz Jin caught my back, I reallyX6 don't like her attitude -.- And guess what could happen If I really fell down? I'll have a wound on my knees and they'll bleed so hard and I'II cry and Sehun would save me and what am I saying??? Uggh Chloe can you please go back to the real life situation?

Just then someone open the door and it was Auntie, phew gladly she came, Vanessa suddenly went inside, she gave Auntie a kiss in the cheeks because she got here after doing some shopping, I just overheard them ok? aissh.

Auntie greeted Jin and Uncle, she welcomed us and she started talking with Uncle. I gulped as I saw Sehun and my cheeks started blushing, aigoo Chloe stop it, he'll notice and then you're dead.

[Jin's POV]

Still noticing that girl named Vanessa looking at me badly. Well if you have fans, you'll also have haters. She gestured me by saying 'come here' with her hands and I did. "You" she started, "can you tell your stupid friend or whatever she is to you not to bother Sehun? I hate it" she said. I bet this girl has a problem with Chloe and I don't like it, "Look, if you have a problem with her, deal with it with her, not this way" I explained. "Ugh, what is it with you?" she glared at me. "Anyway, are you Chloe's boyfriend?" she added and what? Pftt haha, before I could speak the word 'no' she immediately spoke up, "Oh never mind, just tell that girl" then she went upstairs.

Ok who is this Sehun by the way? I messed my hair as Chloe called me from the Kitchen.

[Sehun's POV]

Chloe and I were chatting until she said that I should meet someone really close to her, I bet it was the boy I saw yesterday night and he has good looks, but she should know that I'm more handsome, Tch...

She called him, "Hey Jin, meet Sehun. My schoolmate slash Friend"

FRIEND? Pftt Chloe, "Oh, so you're Sehun? Nice meeting you" He smirked and we bowed to each other. "You're Chloe's cousin right?" I said and he nodded. Mom called her and the two of them started chatting.

"Gosh Sehun, you should be friends with Jin, he's a great guy and a lively one, haha he'll keep you talkative that's for sure" Chloe answered, "Oh so you idolized him?" I don't know what's with me and why did I said that. "What? I'm just telling" she replied and I just took a deep breath and she chuckled, "Yah, what's with that look? Jealous? Haha!"

I just simply said no and she nudged me, "Why should I? I'm more handsome B) right?" I was waiting for her answer but she was just looking away. "Yah" I signalled her. "Uhhmm, secret! :P" she stick her tongue and went away, wow good talk.


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