Chapter 37 - A Perfect Moonlight

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[ Chloe's POV ]

We went inside a fancy restaurant and it was pretty nice. I love how the place was decorated. Actually, it's already 7 pm.

Hehe I know, me and Sehun took 1 hour before we got into this place. It's because we just walked on the street sides and was window shopping. I saw many cute stuff on each store but he kept on dragging me away from it so yeah, he said I'll just waste his money. Tss.

Who said anything about wasting his money? I can buy it my own.

But when he saw me mumbling which I don't clearly know why I just did that, we went to the store he bought the starlight keychain with a white gem on the center. Wahhh so cute! He bought another one and he said that he'll have one and I'll have one too.


Huh? Oh! Darn it Chloe, stop thinking about that.

"Mianhe, what were you saying?" I asked and looked at him saying that I'm listening. "I said what do you want to order" he said very calmly.

Wow, I thought he was gonna shout at me saying,

'Can you stop thinking so many things? You're not listening!'


Oh~ wait, that's too much, the one who kept on telling me that is no other than my Mom -_-#

Or maybe it because of the waitress that's currently waiting for our order. I mean I'll die in shyness if Sehun would shout at me in front of everybody right?

"Umm, I don't know. I'll just have what you'll order" I smiled and he took a sigh and told the waitress.

< _ <

> _>


Even here they're all looking at us and yeah I'm not used to it. I know, Sehun is too adorable and cool, I glanced around pretending that I'm not noticing them looking at us. I can see girls smiling at me and others looking at me so badly.


He held my hand that was on the table so I got stunned. I can feel the butterflies on my stomach especially when he's not saying anything.

"It's ok, you won't die by their bad stare right?" he chuckled. Yeah right, easy for you to say. "I'm thinking about covering your whole face right now, that would help ^-^"

Seriously, all they want was his handsome face, but I won't deny it cuz it's true alright.

He laughed. "Why so serious? It's fun seeing you like that."


Really? Are we talking about Joker right now? But seeing him laugh is really worth it. I can take all the words he uses when he's pissing me off.

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