Chapter 21 - Auntie's big day

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[Chloe's POV ]

Ok now I'm done eating breakfast and Mom told me to go to Auntie's house and greet her a happy birthday! Of course I will.

Wait, should I bring my gifts or I'll just bring them later when the party starts? Hmm, I immediately went upstairs to Mom and Dad's room. I first knocked, and dad let me in. "What is it Chloe?" he asked. Well since Mom wasn't there, I'll just ask Dad about it. "Umm dad, should I bring my gifts to Auntie right now? or later when the party starts?" I said.

"Well for me you should bring it right now so that she can receive it early. Also, when the party starts, many people will come and its hard to personally give it to her" he replied. Oh, Dad has a good point.

"Ok dad, I will. By the way, where's Mom?" I asked curiously turning my head from left to right, trying to find her "She's on our garden" dad answered and I nodded in agreement.

I head to my room to get my gift, after that, I went downstairs and *Blag! My eyes widened to notice that I shut the door so loud. "Ooops! Mianhae" I whispered and because I'm already outside of the house, no choice but to head to Auntie's house. I knocked at their door and someone opened it, "Oh Sehun" I smiled.

"Why are you here?" he asked coldly. "N-nothing, I just wanna greet Auntie" I answered. Tssss,

What Sehun, you're not gonna let me in? I said to my self

He took a big sigh, "Fine. Come in." he murmured. Okay I can see that he has no choice xD

I then went inside. What? Who are these people? And are those Maid Uniforms? Maids? Sehun have Maids? Wow. I poked his shoulder, "Hey, you didn't tell me that you have Maids" I said. "Mom made them to have long vacations, seriously, long ones because Mom wants to experience house works" he said.

"Oh, and they only came today?" I asked again. "Yeah, and they're gonna work for us again" he said. "Ahhh, finally. Someone to clean my room every day" he added. Aissh, Sehun you're so lazy, I can't imagine having a husband like you. Wait, why am I thinking about that? Arhh! Stop dreaming pabo.

I shook my head, "Hey, whatever you are thinking, stop it already. There's mom" he pointed the direction and I glance at it, oh there she is! Assisting the Maids what to do. "Thanks Sehun!" I happily said and he walked away. I can say that Sehun's house are much bigger and wider than us. I went towards Auntie, I'm not talking cuz she's still talking with the maids. After she's done, I tapped her shoulder and she looked back at me.

"Hi Auntie! Happy Birthday!" I greeted her with my warmest smile. "Oh Chloe~ thank you so much dear" she hugged me. "Here Auntie" I handed her my gift. "Oh, you're the first one to give me gifts" she said and I chuckled. "Umm, I'll be back later Auntie. By the way, what time does the party starts?" I asked. "It starts at exactly 5:00"she said and I nodded. "Ok then, bye! Auntie!" I excitedly said. The reason I wanna go home so badly is that I don't have anything to wear yet for the party. "Ok dear, come back later" Auntie said. "Of course auntie, I will" I replied and went off.

Gosh! What would I wear? Ugh not this, *toss away* Too old *Toss away* Too sparkly *Toss away* Too dark *Knock! Knock!* I stopped tossing my clothes. "Come in!" I yelled. "Chloe why are you-" I looked back and saw Mom staring at my clothes, I immediately grabbed it all and NNbring it down to my bed. "What is it Mom?" I asked. "Ok, first of all, arrange your clothes and put it all back to your wardrobe properly. Second, I bought you this, she handed me a white box with pink ribbon. I took it and said, "What is this Mom?" I chuckled. "Just open it" she smiled and left and I opened the box. Wow! It's a Red Long Sleeve Dress and it's beautiful.

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