Chapter 25 - He saved me

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[ Sehun's POV ]

I don't know what's wrong with me that I just said I like her and even kissed her. I can't understand my feelings but I know that Chloe really likes me. Right now, I'm still running until I reached home. As I went inside, Vanessa greeted me with a hug, I broke it and said "Where's Mom?" "She's upstairs at her room" "Oh ok." I went upstairs and go straightly to my room for me to change my clothes.

[ Chloe's POV ]

Arrhh! I'm so pissed off, why did he just leave me here after kissing me like that? And even stick his tongue out? I have so many questions in my mind but I didn't bother it anymore, I started my way walking so I can go home. I'm gonna kill that Sehun.


"Mom! Is dinner ready?" I asked. "Yes dear, come here and help me ready the plates" Mom called me so I head towards the kitchen and helped her.

After Preparing, the three of us started eating. "So Chloe how was your quiz?" Dad asked, "It was fine Dad" I said with a smile. "Did you already meet Vanessa?" Mom asked. "Yes I already did, she even went to school" I murmured. "Why?" "Umm, she said she wants to see it" "Oh ok.

I helped Mom in cleaning the dishes and after that; I did my homework and get ready for bed. "Gosh I can't sleep. I kept thinking about Sehun. Did he really said he like me? Or I was daydreaming again. Tsk, just go to sleep Chloe, go to sleep.


Ha! There he is! I saw Sehun coming out of their house, oh! Wait, I forgot my phone so I'll just get it. I went upstairs to my room and grabbed my phone from my bed side table. I hurriedly got out of the house and head towards Sehun. I punched his left shoulder "That is for leaving me yesterday" I said and he just smirked at me. He started walking and I just followed him.

"Good Morning Guys!" I greeted Jamie and Mia as I sat on my seat. Phew! I'm glad Sehun and I made it in time, our teacher just came and she started discussing.


"Guys! Slow down! My feet hurts" I said while following them and I'm very thankful that they stopped running. "Sorry it's just, we're supposed to be in the science lab right now" Jamie explained. "Yes and we overstayed earlier at the canteen" Mia added. "Yeah and it wouldn't happen if you didn't order another desert Mia" Jamie said coldly. "Tch yeah right, we were supposed to be there by now if you just stopped staring at Chanyeol earlier" Mia replied and I can sense war. Aishh, these guys. "Guys, guys stop it. Nothing is gonna change, but our grades will so let's go" I both hold their hands and started running, but they just won't stop looking at each other coldly.

When we reached the lab, I noticed that we were the only one who's no yet there. "Minus 2 for the three of you. Now go to your place" Professor Lee said and we just nodded in agreement. No this can't be, aishh I'm so disappointed...


We all separate ours ways without even saying goodbye. I kinda feel disappointed to both of them and they are still fighting with each other. But I don't need to worry about that cuz they'll be alright by tomorrow.

Just then, Sehun and I started our way walking. I don't know what's wrong but I can't look at him, I don't want to. "Hey, let's first go at the school supplies near that restaurant ok? I'm just gonna buy something" he spoke up and I just gave him a thumbs up, I noticed that he got confused but I didn't mind it.

While we're Walking, I kinda feel bored so I brought out my phone and earphone and started listening to music. I can say, I'm really enjoying the music because the song is---

"Chloe watch out!" Sehun eventually grabbed me "Ahh!" I screamed as I closed my eyes and opened it. I saw a bicycle down and Sehun's hand with a small cut but it's bleeding fast, I can't say a word "Yahh! Watch where you're going!" Sehun shouted to the bicycle driver "I will, sorry" the driver uttered and he left. "Sehun-ah are you ok?" I was so worried. "I'm glad your safe. Don't ever scare me like that again" he said and hugged me, I can feel the beating of his heart so fast. "Mianhae Sehun" I hugged him back. I broke the hug and get my handkerchief and tied it around his hand so the bleeding would stop. "You don't need to use your handkerchief, now look at it, it has blood now" Sehun insisted. "Also maybe it has...ew" he added. "Yah! This one is new, I brought it for extra" I uttered, I always bring extra, in case I lost the other one. "Ok fine" he said.

"Hey we need to go to the nearest Drug store to buy some band aid, do you know where it is?" I asked. "Ofcourse dummy, now let's go" he started walked and I just followed him. He kept on looking at me, "Hey is there something wrong with my face?" I asked and he chuckled "Kindly arrange your hair" he said and I looked at my phone screen and saw that it was a mess. "Aishh, why didn't you tell me that earlier ago" I started arranging my hair.


"Be still Sehun, how am I supposed to clean your wound if you kept on moving?"

"But it hurts"

"Aigoo, be a man"

"Shut up"

"Yes, finally. There all better" I happily said and he took a deep breath. "Finally. Now let's go to the school supplies, it's getting dark so we need to hurry" he answered and I nodded.

After buying we immediately went home. "Sehun-ah I need to go to your house first and explain Auntie what happened" I said. "No need for that, I'm sure she'll understand" he smiled. "But i—" he cut me off, "Just go Chloe, I'll be fine. See you tomorrow" he went to his house and I went to mine.

[Sehun's POV]

As I went inside. Mom greeted me with a hug "Hey, it's almost late. Did Chloe made it home?" she asked. "Yes Mom" I replied. "Good. Now let's eat dinner and—" she stopped talking and saw my wound. "Hey! What happened there?" she immediately asked. "Nothing Mom" I uttered. "Nothing? That's not nothing, tell me what happened" she will not stop if I don't told her so I just did.

"Tsk Tsk, ok now I understand. You two should be extra careful next time ok?" she messed my hair and I just nodded. We all started eating and I'm really annoyed cuz Vanessa won't stop asking me about school but I tried to answer very shortly in all her question.

Finally, I can rest now because she's done talking...



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