Chapter 43 - So lucky to have you

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[Jamie's POV]


"Hi" I turned around to see who greeted me. Oh, it's him.

"What do you want?" I said, and at the same time arranging my messy locker.

"I just want to give you this" he handed... my phone, MY PHONE!

"Yah! Jin! What did you do?" I shouted. How come this thing is with him?

"Chill. Chloe requested me to give that." He explained. What?

"So, you wanna grab some snacks?" he added but before I could answered, he dragged me away. "Fine! But it will be your treat!" I said but he just chuckled. "Is that a yes? Or a no?" I asked.

<End of Flashback>


{On the following day...}

"Arggh! Chloe! I can't believe he just left me there." I was so angry. But they kept on laughing, what do I expect? It's them. My two crazy friends, but the other one became lucky; she has a very handsome boyfriend named Sehun. Great -__-

"He didn't even pay for the food that we ate." I added. The last thing he said was 'Bye! You pay for it ok? Hahaha'

"Don't take it too much serious Jamie, it's just a food." Mia answered. "Or maybe, you're acting like that because you are serious with him, hahaha" Chloe added. What? I do not! Change topic!

"Yah! Chloe! Why did you give him my phone? And seriously? His picture?! The heck." I said.

"Hehehe. Nothing~"

Aiggoo, this girl.

[Chloe's POV]

Right now, we're about to play Flag Football. Actually, all of them are on their uniforms except me. I really don't like this game, and I'm not telling you guys why.

"Come on Chloe, make it fast. Don't keep us waiting." teacher said. "But ma'am, c-can I just be the water girl? Please?" I begged her.

"Stop whining, go there! Or else, I'll mark your grade 'D'" she continued. "Ohh no no don't! Look I'm walking towards them."I gave her a sign of my crazy doings and I immediately went to the field where all my classmates are doing some warm ups. "Good." I heard her say. "This is bad." I murmured.

"I hate flag football" I clenched my fist. "This is the game where I always pick last." I added.

"Tch. Cuz you stink?" Jamie said and I glared at her so badly, how come she'd say that? Then I saw Mia hit Jamie's waist with her elbow.

"O-or cuz you're Sehun's g-girlfriend and all the other girls are jealous?" she denied.

"Ha-ha nice save guys." I gave my fake laugh. But it's true, I really stink in this game and about those girls who are jealous of me having Sehun as my boyfriend, well sad to say. I can't do anything about that. Don't you know how hard it is? I can't explain it.

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