Chapter 12 - Let's Break It

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[Chloe's POV]

It's Tuesday. Sehun is ok now. We're back to the same routine. He fetched me yesterday to and from the school. Right now, we're walking to school and I'm still one meter away from him. Because of boredom, I approached him and he glanced at me, then he looked away. I think he doesn't mind it, I just took a big sigh and look on my way while walking.

As we've reached the school gate, we separate our ways.  As usual, Jamie and Mia were there. "What's up?" Jamie said. "As usual, he fetch me from my house but there's no rule. He just glanced me then looked away.

Do I need to do anything or what?" I asked them. Seriously, I'm curious why is Sehun acting that way. Something had changed and I don't know what. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just continue what you're doing." Mia said. I sighed.

I feel like there's an awkward moment between us. Is it because of what happened last Saturday? Why am I thinking about him? "Chloe! Chloe!" Jamie shouted at me. "Huh? What?" I asked annoyingly. "You're not in yourself again. What are you thinking this time? Is it about him?" she asked. "What? No! It's just...let's just go" I said.

They just look at each other then nodded. I feel like they're being curious about me. We went to our classroom and to our seats.


<< Class Started >>


( Disscusions....seatworks....)

<< Lunch break >>

The three of us went to our table and started eating. We were talking at first but then Mia choked. My gosh -_-#

"Guys, water!" Jamie and I looked at each other then burst out in laughter. Mia's expression is so damn funny. Then suddenly, a crumpled paper hit me. We all stop laughing and got curious. I picked up the paper and looked back to find where it came from. I saw them the group of girls again. The girls who bullied me. They were laughing at me while walking towards us.

Girl 1: "Hey, Chloe right?"


"Hey, why did you throw a paper to Chloe?" Jamie suddenly said


Girl 2: "Shut up." The other girl said and rolled her eyes.


Girl 3: "We're not even talking to you so just shut your mouth"


Girl 1: "You're really flirting with him"


"Why did you even say that?" I asked sternly.

Girl 4: "Because we saw the two of you together walking to school earlier. You're really are a flirt" Jamie and Mia just gasped in shocked.

"No I'm not" I boldly said. Before she could even say a word, someone called my name. "Hey Chloe!" I looked back and saw that it was Chanyeol. He's with two other guys "This is not yet over" the first girl murmured and they all left.

Then Chanyeol and the other guys went to us. "Are they bullying you again?" Chanyeol asked. "" I just simply replied. I saw Jamie still in shocked. Mia was just laughing at her.

" brings you here?" I asked.

"Well, I just want you to meet D.O and Luhan. They're also part of EXO." he happily replied. "Oh, I see. Well, these two are my friends, Jamie and Mia. see, Jamie has—-" Jamie suddenly covered my mouth with her hands.  She just nervously laughed. I immediately removed Jamie's hand from my mouth, then we saw Luhan chuckled. Wow he's really cute.

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