Chapter 42 - Believe it or not

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[ Chloe's POV]

I can't believe that it's my first day in school with Sehun as my—oh my gosh, I always get flattered every time I say it. I'm ready! I was about to go down and head outside, but my phone rang so I stopped walking and saw on the screen that Jamie is calling.

What now?

I immediately answered it.



[Look who's waiting outside~ Sehun's girlfriend]

{Ha-ha. Very funny Jamie}

[It's true!]

{Wait. Where are you? Don't tell me you're sneaking again.}

[Pftt. N-no I'm not. Okay then, BYE!]



I swear if that girl doesn't get to school before I do, I'll— I'll—ohhh forget it.

As I got outside, I saw an executive car and noticed that Sehun was sitting on the passenger seat. "Oh, Chloe you're here." He removed his earphones. "Get in." He added.

This is so sweet! The driver opened the back door for me and I got in. Umm I just wanna say that Sehun and I already told our parents about us and gladly, they appreciate it very much.

Yes. Especially when Mom said...

'I knew that this is gonna happen, no doubts darling' then she winked at me.

Really? Well, I never did.

And about Vanessa. I was shocked to hear the news that they already left Korea. I know, I wasn't informed. I haven't said goodbye either.

I smiled and looked at him; I can't believe he's mine. How can I be so lucky?

"Done staring?"

I was startled and looked again at the window, I heard him chuckled and felt that he moved right next to me, I turned back to him and before I knew it, he kissed me.

I broke it and he laughed. "Yah!" I said, with a smile. Just because we're inches apart he did that, aigoo this naughty boy.

Just then, he put his arms on my shoulders and I lean close to him. Best day ever~


[At the School Gate]

Okay, I was wrong. Umm, well just a smiiidge little. It's still the best day for me.

Well as you can see they are all looking at us, as in! Looking at us, especially our hands. Yeah, Sehun's holding my hand. The girls are looking at me badly and that thing made my head to look down.

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