Chapter 23 - Late Visitor

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[Sehun's POV]

Actually, we have classes today but Mom said that I shouldn't attend cause we have a special guest. She already managed that yesterday night. I'm really pissed off because she wouldn't tell me who the visitor is. I fixed myself up and went downstairs for breakfast. I head to the dining room. "Morning Mom" I said as I hugged her. "Goodmorning my prince" she gave me a sly smile. Wow, what happened to her. We sat down and started eating. "Seriously Mom, who is our visitor?" I asked. "Ok fine. Actually its visitors" she said but it doesn't make sense, I just wanna know who. "It's my friend, she and her daughter just got back here at Korea. I'm sure you remember their faces, well actually only at Skype.You and her daughter are very close yet you never met them in person." she added. Well I remember that, her daughter is so stubborn and she has the same age like Chloe, only months older. "So Mom, what about them?" I asked and she cleared her throat "They came here for a vacation because in States, this month is a school vacation of her daughter and they decided to have their vacation here instead" Mom explained. "Ahhhh" I was waiting for Mom to reply and she did. "And they're gonna have their stay here at our house". By the time I heard that, I was shocked. "What?! Mom, no way" I insisted. "Aigoo, they're gonna sleep at our guest room. Our maids already managed that. Two rooms of course" she said. I didn't reply because I don't want that to happen but I guess it's too late. I had this curiousity on my mind so I asked her again.

"How long are they gonna stay here?"

"Umm, about two months"


"Yah! Don't shout! We're eating"

"But Mom"

"And they're gonna be here before lunch"

Aishh Mom, this is non-sense. I don't know what to say so I finished my food and stood up. I felt Mom's hands so I turned back. "Sehun-ah, this is for me. Please try to understand" she pleaded and I just gave her a smile.

[ Chloe's POV ]

The three of us woke up late and Mom said that Jamie and Mia should have our breakfast here before leaving and they agreed. We all started eating, the four of us because well, Dad left early. I was curious because why Sehun isn't out yet, they have classes today I'm sure. M-maybe he's sick? Oh no I hope not. I kept looking at our window that made Jamie and Mia curious about me. I just didn't mind it and continued eating.


"By Jamie! By Mia!" I shouted happily as they waved their hands to me. I went back to our house and went upstairs to my room. I started reviewing our lessons for tomorrow. After that, I spent my time browsing my Facebook account.

"It's almost lunch, one more hour and-- " I heard a horn of a vehicle. I took a peek at my window and saw two ladies. Wow! The other one was so young and beautiful. I saw them entered Auntie's house. I immediately went downstairs and told Mom about it.

[ Sehun's POV ]

I was on my room until suddenl y Mom called me so I went downstairs. I didn't know what happened but a girl and I just glimpse at each other. She smiled at me and I didn't mind it and went towards Mom. "Sehun, meet my friend" she said and I bowed to them "Annyeonghaseyo, je ileum-eun Sehun ibnida" I greeted. "Call me Aunt Helen" she said and I nodded. "I'm sure you remember my daughter Vanessa" she added. "Oh, yes of course" I replied as I looked at her. "Annyeonghaseyo, Hyun Vanessa ibnina" she smiled. "She's already a grown up lady, Helen" Mom uttered and Aunt Helen smiled."Now, let my maids handle your bags so we can eat." Mom added. "Sehun-ah help Vanessa carry her bags and put it to her room" Mom ordered. "Here, let me carry that" I said and she thanked me. I went upstairs and she followed me. I head to her room and put her things down. "So umm, Sehun. How are you?" she asked. "I'm fine" I replied. "I'm so happy to finally meet you" she squealed. "Good to know" I said. "Regardez, comment vous êtes beau" ( look, how handsome you are) What was that language? "What did you say?" I curiously asked. "I'm sorry if I didn't mention, I can speak French" she cooed. "Ahhh,nice" I replied and she said thanks.

We went downstairs for lunch and the three of them talked like there's no tomorrow.

[ Chloe's POV ]

"Maybe those are just your Auntie's visitor" Mom said earlier. Right now, I'm in my room doing NOTHING, I'm bored and I don't feel hungry so I didn't ate lunch. I lied to Mom and said that I've already eaten earlier when she was upstairs. I'm a horrible daughter...

Arhh, I kept on thinking about that girl who was inside Auntie's house, "Maybe she's Sehun's-- arhhhh! No! What was I thinking?!" I shouted and jumped into bed "Wooah!" I jumped too much and I found myself on the ground. "Ouch,Ouch,my back!" I groaned in pain. I carefully stood up and looked at the mirror, I checked myself if there any bruise and luckily I got none. " I'm so clumsy. Way to go Chloe" I murmured. But my back hurts a little.

I went downstairs for a drink. "Chloe, what's wrong with your walking" Mom suddenly asked. "Huh? Umm, nothing, hehe" I said and walked towards the kitchen.

[ Sehun's POV ]

I went outside of our house because they are so noisy talking with each other. I can't take it anymore, I look around and saw Chloe. I walked towards their house and knocked. "Yes?" Auntie opened it. "Hi Auntie, can I come in?" I asked. "Yes, of course" she opened the door wide and I went in. "Sehun?" Chloe asked. I sat down at their sofa and she did too. "Hey, what brings you here hmm?" she asked. "Nothing, I just went here because back their at our house is so noisy" I said. "Oh, by the way, who are you're visitors?" she queried. "Mom's friend and her daughter. They came here at Korea for a vacation. Mom said that her friend's husband is a American so they have a daughter who is half American and half Korean" I explained. "Oooh, what's her name then?" "Vanessa. She's just about your age, only months older" "She's beautiful" she said "Yeah, she is" I chuckled and she pouted. Chloe looks so childish when she's pouting. "How long is their vacation here?" she asked. "Mom said about two months and they're gonna stay here at our house" I said. "What?!" she shouted. "Huh, that was also my expression earlier" I laugh and she hit my shoulders. "Yah!" she yelled. "Don't worry, you'll meet her someday" I said.

You'll meet her someday....


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