Chapter 45 - Farewells

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[Chloe's POV]

My knees were shaking and I think I'm sweating right now. My gosh where's Sehun?! I haven't seen him since morning and it's almost night. I can't believe he'll do this to my birthday.

"I'm very disappointed. Seriously." I said straight to Kai. "Aigoo, that boy. You too should break up." Kai chuckled but then D.O nudged him, "Stop it Kai, you're not helping." He said. "Tsss, I'm just saying." We heard him murmured.

I looked at him badly and he gestured like his zipping his mouth. Good for you, "Don't worry Chloe, he'll be here. I'll call him again." Baekhyun dialed Sehun's number but I wasn't exited or anything because I've been calling him 30 times but the phone cannot be reached. If I were in his place, I'll throw it to him so he'll reach it. -__- pshh, cannot be reached.

"Tell me, you've been calling him for how many times now?" I asked baekhyun but he just smiled at me like crazy. "Hehe, I don't know, maybe 20 times?" he was confused.

My eyes went teary and I was about to cry. "Ohhh, way to go Kai. You've made her cry, this will be reported to sese." Xuimin said. "Uwo? Why me, I havn't done anything to her." Kai insisted. I felt a hug and it was Jamie and Mia, the three of us was hugging each other. "T-thank you guys." I sobbed. "If I see that Sehun, I'll kick his you know what so hard." Mia whispered and my eyes widened aisshh that's too much. "Yah! Don't you dare, it's ok I forgive him for not coming, he better have a good explanation about it." I said and Jamie nodded, "Yes! That's our Chloe!" She cheered. Thanks for making this to lighted up.

"Come Chloe! Let's eat again!" Chanyeol grabbed my hand and the others followed us at the buffet. Actually, we're here at the hotel, Mom made a grand surprise party for me which Sehun wasn't able to be there surprising me. :'(

We all ate happily—

I mean they all did except me but I tried to cover my unhappy face for them.

There, at the chocolate fountain where we dip all the desserts we want like cookies, strawberries and many more. "Ew why would you dip strawberry in chocolate? I'm sure it tastes awful." Jin said to Jamie while he's playing a video game in his tablet. Jamie immediately looked at Jin,

"It's sweet. I'm a girl. Do the Math."

She rolled her eyes and Jin just shook his head in despite of asking such a simple question. We all laughed and noticed Jamie looking at Jin's tablet confusingly.

"Ugh, why would you play such things like that here, you're wasting your time so just go home." Jamie answered while Jin was still playing a game in his tablet. We all though he will not answer but it turns out we were wrong, he did spoke up.

"It's a game. I'm a boy. Do the math." He smirked and Jamie's jaw fell down.

"Oooooohhhhhohoho" The Exo members said in unison. Oh Sehun, you're missing all the fun here. Where are you?


[Sehun's POV]

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