Chapter 34 - A Great Day To Quarrel About Pants

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[Sehun's POV]

Stupid coach, letting us have hours of basketball training even though we already know our opponents strategy and all of that. It's getting on my nerves and they rarely notice it. Great.

I should do something about this and the only way to do that is to pretend that I'm getting so dizzy and eventually, I'll collapse. Yehet! Tell me, genius right? That's all I can think about, this time. Don't get me wrong, I do this all the time...I mean, in many different situations.

"Take him to the clinic!" I heard our coach.

PFTT. I did it earlier than what I expect. I didn't had the chance to say 'The Acting Starts Now' that's my favourite part though -_#


I took a small peak with one eye and saw that Kai and baekhyun was the one carrying me all along. I shook my head and-


In just a second, Baekhyun let me go and I hit the floor. Arh what's with him? Don't tell me he really did that. "Yah! You're playing again aren't you?!" Ok he did mean it. "Step aside" I got up and arranged my uniform. Who cares? "Where do you think you're going?" Kai shouted and I immediately covered his mouth. Dude I'm right here beside you, no need to shout.

He kept on murmuring "Shhh, quite" I said then he removed my hand and looked at me fiercely. I felt something wet. "Yuck your saliva" I answered while wiping my hand with his uniform. "Huh, girls would be falling for that." he smirked. Oh really? "Don't fool around Kai" Baekhyun said while playing with his phone.

Just then. I saw a girl walking towards our direction and at the same time, listening to some music with her white headphone. I grabbed her and that made her feel shocked. I know, I'm handsome. No need to stare at me.

"Uhh what are you doing?" she eventually glared at me but I didn't answer it. I brought her near to Kai. "Do you know this guy?" I pointed Kai. "No" She simply said. "Do you mind holding his mouth with your hand?" I asked and her jaw dropped, Kai held her hand and was about to put the girl's hand into his mouth.

But an epic moment happened. The girl kicked Kai's right leg so hard that baekhyun had to cover his mouth because of what happened, and me? Well, I did the right reaction B) I laughed so hard!

"Ouch!" Kai groan in pain. Huh, that hurts all right...

"You Perv!" The girl flips her straight hair and walked away. "Who is she!??" Kai was gonna explode because of madness.

"The girl who doesn't like Kai's Hot Aura" Baekhyun said it sarcastically and the students who came passing by can't stop laughing.

"Ohhhhhh she's gonna regret this so much!" Kai runs away to find the girl.

"I'll go back now Sehun" Baekyun took a deep breath and went on. I was about to go but I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Just please... don't get yourself in trouble again" he added. I just nodded and smiled. That's why I love this hyung, he cares for my safety. "Oh and don't get us involve when you're in a big mess with our coach" He tapped my shoulder and went on laughing.

-_- Well, for a second.

I started thinking what to do, I'm bored.

I went on walking and I pass by on Chloe's classroom. What is she doing this time? I took a peek at the window and saw her talking to a boy. Tch, I think it's a group work. I got down when I saw someone looked at me. As I went back, I was surprised when Chloe was not around. Where is she?

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