Chapter 24 - first ____

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[ Chloe's POV ]

Sehun and I are already walking on our way to school. Still, I haven't met Vanessa.

Hmm I wonder how she treats people. I hope she is nice. We have quizzes today and luckily I reviewed. I glanced at my watch and it's almost time. "Sehun we have to hurry, we're gonna be late!" I pulled his shirt.

"Yah! I know" he annoyingly said. "SEHUN-AH!" we both heard a girl's voice from behind and we turned around to see who it is. Sehun got shocked and I got curious. It's a girl with blond hair.

"Vanessa?? What are you doing here?" Sehun asked. Ohh, so she's Vanessa, I was right. "Y-you forgot your notebook" she was catching her breath. "Aish, you don't need to do that. Did Mom and Auntie know that you came here?" he asked. "N-no, I didn't told them, I went to you room and saw your notebook" she explained. Whoa, she went to Sehun's room? -.- just for that stupid notebook? Tch. She glanced at me with those beautiful eyes. Heh :3

"Sehun, who is she?" she murmured. Tss, "Oh, umm Vanessa, she's Chloe, our neighbor" Sehun said and I nodded. "Nice to meet you Vanessa" I handed her a handshake but she just looked at it. "Hmm, nice to meet you too." she cooed and I just put my hands down, she didn't accept it.

Oh great! We're late. "Vanessa, I should take you home first" he said. What? How about me? And you're gonna be super late. "Chloe, you should go now. Don't wait for me" he added and Vanessa took Sehun's hands out of her shoulders, "No Sehun, you two should go now. You're gonna be late" she insisted. "What? No, I can't just leave you here, Mom will be mad" he answered and she chuckled, "Sehun, don't be silly. I can go home by myself. You don't need to do this, and I promise that I'll be at home safely" she replied.

"Are you sure?" Sehun was so, so-umm arh I can't say it. "Yes, I'm very sure. Ok I'll go now" she said and went off. "Be careful!" Sehun shouted. "Yes oppa!" she smiled. "Tsk. She's so stubborn" he uttered. "Well, you can't blame her" I said and we looked at each other with our eyes surprised. "Oh no" I muttered. "Run!" he yelled and he hold my hands and we ran away. I know that were late but still, we're doing our best just to reach school.


After the discussion, the three of us went to the canteen for lunch. After we ordered, we went to our seats. "Umm guys, I'll just go the comfort room" I said "Ok" Jamie replied. Seriously, this is my first time being late. I just need to fix myself there. As I went in I washed my face, "Hey, did you saw Sehun earlier? He was sweating, gosh! He's so hot" the girl at my left said. "Yeah I know, he's late" another girl at my right chuckled. What's with you guys.

Anyway, I wipe my face with a clean towel and got outside. I walked towards our table and sat down. "Hey, let's eat" Mia requested and the two of us nodded. "Guys, I just meet Vanessa this Morning." I murmured. "Jinja? Is she beautiful up close?" Jamie asked. "Yes she is. Her blond hair makes her even more beautiful" I said. "Aigoo, this is where jealousy comes." Mia laughed.

"Yah! I'm not jealous!" I shouted.

(yeah right)

and they all looked at me "Pfff, Haha!" Jamie laughed too. Aish, I shouted too loud, this is so embarrassing.

After eating, we decided to walk around the school cuz it's still lunch break. We sat down at a bench near a tree. "So Chloe, does Vanessa have a crush on sehun?" Mia suddenly asked. Pftt, Crush? "Umm, I don't know" I shrugged my shoulder. Just then, Naeun came towards us. "Chloe! You should really see this!" she shouted like she's being chased or something. "Huh? See what?" I asked curiosly. "There's a blond girl at our school and I didn't even noticed that the guards let her in" she chuckled.

What? Blond girl? Please don't tell me that's Vanessa, oh no.

"Hey! Maybe that's Vanessa!" Jamie hurriedly said and the three of us followed Naeun. We were at the School canteen, "There she is" Naeun pointed her and I immediately saw her. Wow all the people were looking at her, I came towards Vanessa and tapped her shoulder.

She looked back at me, "Oh! Chloe! It's good to see you again!" she hugged me.

Girl, I'm not pleased to meet you here... Kidding!

[A/N: They say that Jokes are Half meant Chloe XD]

it's so weird, totally weird. I broke the hug, "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Umm nothing, I just want to see the School. Don't worry I already told Mom and Auntie about this and they let me go" she explained.

"oh, ok" I replied bluntly and she patted my head. Tch, don't ever do that again, Aishh. Suddenly, her phone rang.

"Excuse me" she said but we're still looking at her, she answered the call. "Hey Rachel! il est une bonne chose que vous avez appelé .... euh ouais je suis déjà ici, tant de beaux garçons, haha mais Sehun est la seule pour moi" she answered and they're both laughing . "Wow, what language is that?" Mia was surprised.

"Alien." Jamie said with a blank look. Haha

"Well, I think its French?" I said, pouting.

Vanessa was roaming the whole canteen while talking with someone at her phone. I just looked away, while my eyes are focused at a tree. Until Jamie turned my head facing the canteen again, and Vanessa shouted "Sehun-ah!" she said happily and hugged Sehun.

What?! Sehun came here?! Well maybe he's about to eat. I took a deep breath and walked towards them but Mia grabbed my hand.

"Ohhh no you don't. We're getting back to class" she said "But I-" she cut me off. "No no and no" she insisted.

We went back to class and our teacher started discussing....


I immediately went outside of the classroom. I even forgot to say goodbye to Jamie and Mia, well I'm sure they'll understand that I need to go.

I don't know why I am acting so strangely, it's like Sehun is gonna leave me or something, well whatever it is, I shouldn't be affected by it. Just then, I saw Sehun waiting for me and my lips just curved into a smile. I walked towards him, "Hey, let's go?" I said and he nodded.

"Hey what happened to Vanessa earlier at lunch? Did you guys talked?" I asked and he looked at me. "Not much. She just joined me eating lunch and I told her to go home already" he answered. I looked away and chuckled a bit. Go home already? Tss Sehun, well I can't blame your attitude, especially when it comes to girls.

"Even my hyungs like her" he added. Jinja? EXO likes Vanessa? Well I also can't blame them, it's true cuz Vanessa is really pretty.

"How about you? Do you like her?" by the time I realized that I said that I immediately covered my mouth and Sehun looked at me.

He was forcing not to laugh "Hey your jealous?" he asked and chuckled. I began blushing but I shook my head. "No I'm not!!" I shouted. "Ahhahaha, you're jealous aren't you?"

"Yah! I told you I'm not!"

"Aigoo, Chloe is jealous" he started teasing me. I don't know how to react but when I was about to talked he immediately grabbed my wrist and went behind the bushes.

"Y-yah what are we doing here?" I asked but he just looked at me straightly in the eyes. Ohhhh, Sehun you're killing me with those looks, why so handsome? I think I'm gonna melt. "If I kiss you, that means I like her" he said and I looked down sadly. He lifted my chin up to make me look at his eyes directly. I was so sad and I heard him chuckled "Just kidding, it means that I like you" he whispered and kissed me. I WAS TOTALLY SHOCKED!

My emotions were mixed that I can't understand it but it felt so nice, I can totally feel his lips against mine. The kiss was broken and last 3 seconds. He stick his tongue out a little and ran away.


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