Chapter 32 - JUST RIGHT

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[Chloe's POV]

As I got out of the house Mom shouted from inside. "Chloe you forgot your phone!" Oh yeah, hehe. She handed me the phone and I just smiled back. "Have a nice day~" she answered, "Thanks Mom"

As she went inside. I immediately looked at Sehun's house, did he already went to School? I waited at the bench for like five minutes but still, no respond -.- Arhh Chloe what were you thinking? I'm sure he left you already, tsk.

Umm I'll just check first if he already went to school. I knocked at Auntie's door and she opened it, I saw her expression, she was shocked. "Oh Sorry Chloe, Sehun already left, I told him to wait for you but he didn't, stupid boy" Pfttt, Sehun are you avoiding me or what. I just tried to smile at Auntie, I don't want her to worry, "Umm it's ok Auntie, I understand" I bowed and went on.

"Oh! Chloe wiat" Auntie went back inside but she didn't closed the door. "Kindly give this to Sehun. He left it at the dining table. Please Chloe?"

No I can't. I really can't, why is that?

But still, I can't say no to Auntie so I agreed even if I don't want to. As I got the textbook, I said goodbye and I started walking away.

I noticed Jin already went on too, Hmpf. well I think it's better this way, I can live peacefully- I mean think peacefully.

Oh! Speaking about that, the game yesterday didn't went well, Sehun's team didn't won because on the final quarter, when Kai was about to shoot, a player from another team took it and passed the ball his teammate and shoot it. For me, it's not fair cuz that player nudged Kai too hard that made Kai fall down. All the Fan girls went "BOOOO!" but still, the referee said it was a fair game. Tch

Guess what Jin told me yesterday? It answered all of my curiosity about him and Jamie. He said that he thinks he like her? Haha wow. No wonder why he always interrupts Jamie all the time. But what made me really astonished is that, HIM?

The heartthrob of his past school had a crush on someone? And what I know about him is that he broke many girls heart because he's not serious in relationships, or he's not really into relationships? Tsk maybe those girls are really ambitious that's why. It's just if Jin likes Jamie, I don't wanna see her coming back to be crying or else I'll make Jin feel sorry for what he had done.


Few minutes later, I finally reached school, tsk I must start looking for Sehun and give him this textbook,


of all the people that could give him this why is it even me?




I didn't wish to be an adventurer, gosh. I think I already roamed the whole school looking for him...WAIT! WAIT! 0_0 how stupid am I not to look for him in their classroom. Arrh! Way to go Chloe.

Out of nowhere the bell rang. I stopped walking. I'm wasting my time TT_TT "Oh no this can't be." Uhh well I think this thing can wait? Hehe, I'll just give him this later when we have free time.

And you name it, Class is more important than this; also we have a long quiz today at our first subject.


After taking our quiz, we started checking our seatmate's paper.

Seriously, I'm not in the mood checking so my red ballpen's ink went in different kinds of direction, sorry Naeun, hehe.

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