Chapter 36 - Oh! I wasn't Informed ._.

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[Chloe's POV]

{ At Aqua Plaza LW }

Me: ( >.>)

Sehun: (<____<)


Sehun and I are having an awkward moment together. "Chloe, Eat your food. You told us you were hungry right?" Mom broke the silence and yeah I can't eat properly because SEEEEHUUUUNN'S looking at me. Huhu, I already said 'I'm sorry' to him more like a million times but what's his response?



Wanna know why?


I started walking around and I noticed that I'm I some place dark.

Just then, someone grabbed me that came out of nowhere, I can't see the face because it's a bit dark.



There goes ma flying kick alright!



S-sehun?????? Ohhh nooo! Somebody please bring me my coffin! It's all worth the trouble I'm in now.

But wait, if that's Sehun, whose still holding my hands? A-and why are they c-cold?!! "Ghost wahhhhh!" I kept on hitting the hands that's holding my wrist right now.

"Chloe! What's wrong with you?" HUH? He came closer and it was JIN. I chuckled confusedly, I must be CRAZY?!

"But w-who? And why? And H-he?" I kept on pointing my index finger to the both of them. Sehun was holding his stomach and he groaned in pain. Asdfgkj! "Sehun-ah! I'm so so sorry. I was scared and-" I was cut off because he started walking away. "Huhu Jin, help me. I didn't know it was him so I did my flying kick" I was holding his hands so hard because I'm scared. "Haha! Yeah, your Kick was so epic" he started laughing and I hit his shoulder to signal him that I'm serious. "Ohh uhhmm, I mean that It's ok he will forgive you soon....I think"

He did really whisper the word 'I think' -____- what a great cousin right?! I'm so touched. (> x <) tss.

I asked him of why Sehun got the kick and not him who is right in front of me that time. 'Oh, It's just I can sense that you're about to do your flying kick so I moved away and Sehun was currently at my back so he got hit'

You blow it big time Chloe

{End of Flashback}

After eating, we went to some arcade and played many games, and because Sehun and I are not in a 'good condition' right now, I was on Jin's side all along and Sehun? He's with Vanessa. Ohhhh look how happy she is! Tch, like I care. "One more stares at them and I'll push you towards Sehun. Yeah, jealousy hurts right? Good thing I never experienced it, HAHAHA" look who's talking? My great cousin JIN.

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