Chapter 19 - Results and surprises

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[ Chloe's POV ]

Two days passed after the examination and they'll be releasing the grades today, Yay! 

"C'mon Sehun! Don't be a slug." I pulled his shirt while walking.

 "Why are you such in a hurry? We left our house very early so we can both see our grades so..... Get off my shirt!" he shouted as he pulled his shirt out of my hand. 

"I just don't wanna be late." I murmured as I looked down. He chuckled, "What? Don't wanna be late for seeing your grades? You're overreacting." he weirdly said. This guy is so! Arhh..wait! I'll just go there before he does. 

"Ok fine....BYE!" I waved my hand as I went off, running. "Yah! Where are you going?!" I heard Sehun yelled from behind. "School of course!" I shouted back.


Yes! Finally! I'm here. I entered the gate and ran towards the bulletin board. As I've reached it, I saw girls surrounding it and one of them looked sideways

. Ohh no, it's them again, but how could I ever get near the board if they're surrounding it? Tsk! If Sehun would be here and I would use him as my shield. I just took a big sigh wondering what would I do. "Hey!" I immediately turned back and saw that it was Sehun. "Ahh, finally! You're just in time." I said and went to his back, holding both of his shoulders with my hands.

 "Hey! W-what are you doing?" he uttered. "Just stay still." I replied and we walked towards the bulletin board. Luckily, I brought my handkerchief so I can cover my mouth and nose while looking down. I cleared my throat and they look back.

Girl 1:"Ommo! Sehun opppa!"

Girl 2: "Kyaa! What are you doing here oppa?"

As they kept asking and praising Sehun, I went over them and finally, I saw the board .I look over to our section and YES! I passed. Thank you! Thank you! Now I need to go. Wait! How about Sehun's score? I searched for it and gladly, he passed. Ok I'm out of here.

 "Yah!!" I turned back and saw Sehun being surrounded by those girls, I better help him. "Excuse me!" I shouted as I grab Sehun's hand and we ran away. "Yah! How dare you!" we heard the girl shouted from behind. Sehun held my hand tighter, 

"Don't mind them." he looked and smiled at me and I nodded, wow it felt like the time stopped. Sehun and I were running while those girls are really getting pissed off because of what I did. We stopped running when we reached the canteen.

 "Are you ok?" Sehun asked, at the same time catching his breath. "Ohhh, I don't know." my voice was trembling, "W-what if they come back Sehun? What am I gonna do?" I added. 

"Just don't mind them." He patted my head. I'm so glad that nobody's watching, well it should, because it's still early. "So how's your grade?" he asked, "It was fine, I passed!" I tried to smile cause I still don't know how to face those girls. "That's great, I'll just look at mine later" he replied and looked away. I tapped his shoulder, "Umm, I saw yours" I said and he turned back at me. "Really? How was it?" he immediately asked.

 "I'm sorry, you didn't passed" I pouted. "Arh, but I studied hard, how can this be?" he got pissed off, shuffling his hair. "Haha, just kidding! You passed." I said as I patted his back. "Aissh, I thought I didn't." he shook his head.

I wanna go to our classroom to see who's already there and to take a rest. So I'll just tell him that I need to go.

 "Umm, Sehun, I'll go to our classroom now ok? See you later!" I waved my hands and left.

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