Chapter 14 - humiliated

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This Chapter is Dedicate to FadzieWilliams thanks for reading and supporting ^_^

[ Chloe's POV ]

Today is Friday and our school has a basketball game. I don't think if I can watch it, well if Jamie and Mia could go there, I'll just join them. I ready myself for school, and I'm also done eating breakfast. As I went downstairs, Mom is watching television, and just you know, Dad already left because his work is early. I rarely see him every morning, but we're always together when it comes to dinner. I walked towards Mom, "Mom, I'll go now" I said, hugging her. "Ok Chloe, take care" she replied and smiled.

As I went outside, my phone vibrated. I looked at it and saw a text message.

From : Chanyeol

Hey! Good morning Chloe! Haha, did you sleep well? Are you on your way to school?

As I read it, I was about to text back until suddenly, someone called me from the gate. "Hey! Let's go now!" I saw that it was Sehun. "Ok,ok!" I shouted back. He's really impatient. I walked towards him and we both started our way walking. Now everything is still, I grabbed my phone from my skirt's pouch, I replied back to Chanyeol.

To : Chanyeol

Good Morning too Chanyeol, Yes I slept well and we're on our way to school. Me and Sehun.

I clicked send and I hold my phone in case he replied back. After a few minutes my phone vibrated again.

From : Chanyeol

Oh Ok, wait are you gonna watch the basketball game?

As I read it, I immediately replied back.

To : Chayeol

Umm, maybe?

I just said maybe because I'm really not sure.

From : Chanyeol

Awww, why maybe? All EXO members are playing, please come.

As he said that, one thing pops in my mind. So that means Sehun is playing too.

To : Chanyeol

Well, if that's the case I'll come :)

[ Sehun's POV ]

As we kept on walking Chloe's phone kept on vibrating and making sounds of notification. Does she have a textmate? Well maybe it's her friend, and it's so annoying. I can't take it anymore so I grabbed her phone and took a glance. My eyes widened and my hand clenched into a fist as I saw that it was Chanyeol. She has his number? "Y-yah! Sehun! Give me back my phone" Chloe said, trying to get her phone from me. 

"Why do you have Chanyeol's number" I uttered. "We exchanged numbers yesterday because he wants to" she replied while jumping and reaching her phone because I help it up. "I'll give you my number" I answered and she stopped jumping, "W-what? Yah! Who told you to do that" she shouted and she kept on hitting my shoulder. I typed my number on her contacts. "There, all done. Wait!" I said but I forgot to put a picture, so what I did I draw near to Chloe and held the phone up high and counted.

"Hana...Dul...Set!" I said and it saved to the album. I first looked at it, "HAHAHA! Look at your face" I laughed. It's because Chloe's jaw's we're opened with her arms crossed while looking at me so badly. "Arhhh Sehun-ah!" she said irritatingly. "Wait,I'll just put it on my contact picture so you can have a picture of me" I said and I did it. After that, I handed her the phone "Here" I said and she immediately gabbed it. "Aissh, you're so stubborn Sehun" I heard her murmured, I just chuckled.

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