Chapter one - New Home

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[ Author's POV ]

Chloe and her Mother and Father lives in Incheon , South Korea . She was the only child then , and because her fathers Job was transferred in Seoul, South Korea they decided to find a place there to live in. and Chloe's Mother and Father  have talked about it many months ago not only the house they're gonna live in but also the new school that she's going to enter. And they're gonna be leaving first thing tomorrow.  

[ Chloe's POV ]

It's 7: 30 in the morning and my eyes are still sleepy. I don't  want to get out of bed , until suddenly I heard someone knocking at my door. " Come In " I said while yawning , " Chloe it's me- " I looked at mom with my sleepy eyes  " Yeah? " . " You silly child , why aren't you all dressed up? I told you last night to wake up early because we're leaving first thing tomorrow " leaving first thing tomorrow ? I said in my mind and then suddenly...

" OMMO!  I forgot! We're leaving the house this morning right? " I said shockingly . 

"Tsss, of course we are you silly child. Now go to the bathroom and take a bath while I'll prepare your breakfast  Ok? Now, hurry up! " she said with a smile " okay Mom "  I replied. 

Ohh I still can't believed that I've forgot that one, " psh forgetful me" I murmured *sigh* oh well I better go to the bathroom because I'm so slow in taking a bath especially when my sleepy.


After  taking a  bath , fixing myself up and everything  I straightly went down stairs and saw dad sitting on the couch in our living room. " Good Morning Dad! " I said happily " oh! There you are Chloe , go your mother  is waiting for you in the dining room" . Dad said " oh, ok Dad" I said.

  I walked towards our dining room and saw my breakfast waiting  for me, mom saw me and said " Come on Chloe sit down here and eat your breakfast ,remember it's a long trip traveling from here to Seoul.  I just nodded happily and start eating my breakfast .  And when I'm done I glanced on my watch and saw that it was already 9:45 a.m. " Hon! We need to go now and start putting  our bags into the car". I heard Dad shouted. 

So  I hurriedly went upstairs and get my bags and start putting it to our car. We're not rich you know, just in the middle of it. Then I also helped Mom in carrying her bags , but not Dad he can handle it of course. And after locking the house and everything  which I totally don't know what are they're planning to do with our house. We all went inside the car, and dad started the engine of it and start going. I sigh, " oh, I'm totally gonna miss this old house of ours Mom and Dad " I said while looking at the window of our car with my eyes focus on the house.

"Me too dear " Mom replied . " But don't worry Chloe because I'm sure that you're gonna love the new house me and your mom bought for you and for us" , Dad replied . " I hope so Dad " I smiled at him and at Mom .

Well luckily I've brought my favorite pillow with me to keep me comfy and warm because I really like hugging it so much like a teddy bear.

I fell asleep in our car due to long travel while leaning on the window and hugging my pillow. And because I'm on the back of the car, I had a huge space and its all mine. Then suddenly I felt that the car stopped and heard someone said "We're here " I got up and saw it was Dad who said that.


What a boring chapter, arh sorry if it's too short , anyway I'll do the next chapter  more excitingly though...    

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