Chapter 28 - My, It's been a long time...

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[Chloe's POV]

"Myyyy...all these school tasks are killing me," and I'm blaming Naeun, our group leader for not attending school yesterday because she said that she's gonna attend some concert with her old friends. So yeah, I'm here trying to fix our group project for our next week activity. Gosh it's all messed up.

Time check. 9:40 p.m. Ok, I need to do this thing fast because my hands can't take it anymore. Good thing that tomorrow is Saturday and I can take all the time I need for me to sleep.

After 30 minutes I prepared myself for bedtime.

[Chloe's Mom's POV]

I went upstairs to check if Chloe is already sleeping and she is. We want to surprise her tomorrow, "Honey, are they already near?" I asked. "Yeah, they said that they're almost here" he answered. We both went outside to wait for them.

It is Chloe's Uncle and her cousin Jin who's gonna occupy the other vacant house. I'm sure she's gonna love it, bonding with her uncle and her cousin that is only one month older than her. I remembered the two of them playing at the park, many years ago, and now I can't believe that he's a teenager and the time I saw his picture at Facebook, wow more handsome than ever.

At around 10:30 p.m. big car came and I knew it was them. Jin and his father, Jeon Ho waved their hands to us as we did too, they got out of the Car and approached us.

"Hey~ long time no see Brother!" Jeon Ho gave honey a big hug. "Congratulations for being promoted on your Job, I'm so happy that you're gonna live next door" Honey explained. "Yeah, and if it wasn't for the two of you, we wouldn't find a place near to my work. This house is perfect for us, no second floor but it's wide enough for me and Jin" Jeon Ho explained. "Hey Laura! How are you?" Jeon Ho grinned. "i'm fine" I answered and he patted my back.

"Auntie! How I miss you much!" Jin hugged me and I hugged back, this boy never changed, he's still the boy I know before. "Jin, look at you? You're so handsome! I bet you already have a girlfriend" I jokingly said and he chuckled. "No Auntie, This guy is still finding" he said. "Yah! Jin, what did I said about those things" his father answered. "Haha, Dad I'm just kidding"

After the little chat that the four of us had. Me and my husband helped them in unpacking their things. They said that the other furniture are gonna be delivered by tomorrow morning so I decided that they should join us eating breakfast tomorrow. As we finished helping each other bringing their things at the house, I stretched my arms.

"Wow Auntie, that other house is so big. Who's the owner of that?" Jin asked as he went outside of the door and I did too."Oh, that's my friend's house; we were friends since grade school. She's a very successful woman right now, you should meet her and her son by tomorrow" i explained. "Ok, no problem Auntie.

"It's kinda funny when you look at these three houses. First comes the large one, then the middle one, and then the small one" I messed his hair. "haha, you're right Auntie"

[Jin's POV]

I noticed someone is missing. Until I remembered Chloe, I smiled when I mentioned her name on my mind, I missed that happy girl, and asked Auntie about it; before she waa about to go inside of their house, I immediately asked her. "By the way Auntie, where's Chloe? I haven't seen her yet."

"Oh! Yeah Chloe, she's already asleep. But don't worry, the two of you will meet tomorrow, I'm sure you miss each other very much" Auntie said and I nodded.

"Yes, very much indeed" I manage to spoke.


Next Morning...

[Chloe's POV]

When I looked at the clock with my weary eyes, it was just 7:30 in the morning, yes Chloe you have all the time to sleep, just take your time...

*Knock *Knock

"Chloe, are you still sleeping?"

I heard someone spoke and I knew it was mom. "Umm Uhh" before I could think of something to do she already opened the door _-_

"Get yourself ready, I'll give you 5 minutes young lady, 5 MINUTES" she warned me and went downstairs. I shook my head, went to the bath room, brushed my teeth, opened my windows and started jumping around like a kangaroo, yeah crazy me until I was already at the terrace.

"Yah! You should go and see a doctor or something"

-_- guess who ruined my beautiful day, a boy named Sehun...that is -.- he's seating at their bench reading some newspapers, wow somebody's a genius.

I stick my tongue out and he threw me a crumpled paper right above my head, MY HEAD! Ohhh Sehun!!! As I opened it, there was something slimy moving and it was a worm, I gasp and said "Arhh! You know I don't like worms" I explained and he just shrugged his shoulders, "Well now I know" he answered and I threw the worm out and believe me, I wasn't expecting that it would land on Dad's hair so I held my mouth and sat down, I don't want Dad to see me, well of course you don't wanna be caught that's why you hide Chloe, pftt.

Arrhh! Dad why did you went out T-T

I took a little peak and saw him removed the worm. "What the?" before he'd look up I immediately went downstairs and pretend nothing happened. "What took you so long?" Mom asked, "Uhhh, nothing Mom" I uttered. I went outside to greet Dad a happy morning and he patted my head as he went inside. Ewww Dad, that's the hand you used in order to remove that worm. x_x

Just then I glanced at Sehun, arhhh "This is your fault" I whispered and he just looked at me, uhh Sehun don't look at me like that, you're killing me with those eyes. I just shook my head and went inside, my heart is pounding again. Sometimes I just really wish that my feelings won't be this hard every time he'd do something that is really worth melting.

Suddenly, Mom called me and told me something. After that my expression were really shocked because we...WE HAVE A NEW NEIGHBOR! Wooo! I was so exited even though I don't know them yet because Mom wouldn't tell me and I can't believe that she really asked me to invite them to have breakfast with us,

"Mom~ you know that I'm not good with these kind of things" I mumbled and went out. Phew, Chloe just relax and this is gonna be over before you know it.


Hello ^-^

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