Chapter 26 - Helping is the best

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[Chloe's POV]

I'm having my peaceful moment sitting at our couch while watching some cartoons. I know, it's so childish, but I miss them, especially Tom and Jerry. "Chloe, your friends are here" Mom said. "What?! oh great. What now?" I murmured. I got up and opened the door. "Hello Chloe! We just came by to visit" Jamie answered. "Uhh, sure come in" I said. "Hey there, care for some sandwich?" Mom requested. "Oh! Yes! Yes! Thanks!" Mia immediately said. "You're hungry again Mia" Jamie murmured. Yeah right, I'm glad she's not getting fat. "Ok just wait" Mom agreed. I sat down again at the couch and started watching again. "Yah, why are you watching that?" Jamie chuckled. "Nothing. I just want to and I miss it" I replied. "Haha, me too" Mia answered and sat beside me.

Five minutes passed and Mom handed us our sandwiches and 3 glasses of lemon juice, "Thanks" Mia said. "Thank you" Jamie smiled. "Enjoy eating girls" Mom answered and left. I took a deep sigh, "Guys I want to do something else. Wanna play board games?" I requested. "Oh sure!" They both said. Just then, we started playing.

[Sehun's POV]

"Take that Tremor! You are so weak! I shouted and laugh. "Yah! Sehun! Could you please keep quite?" I heard Mom said from the kitchen. "Alright fine" I uttered. Playing Mortal Kombat X is the best, especially if there are two players. Should I request Vanessa if she would like to play with me? Nahh I bet she doesn't know the controls and I'll be pissed off again, I won't let her ruin my day.

[Chloe's POV]

"Nooo! You can't! I won!" Jamie kept shouting, "Tch. You wish! I won! You lose!" Mia insisted. These two are really something. They forgot about me, actually I'm the one who actually won but never mind.

Suddenly, someone knocked at my door and I bet its Mom. I immediately got up and opened the door. "Hey Mom what is it?" I asked. "Hey, your Auntie told me that you should go to their house" she said. "Huh? But why?" I asked curiously. "Nothing, just go and have fun there. You can bring your friends if you want to. Fix yourself up ok?" she added. Fun? Where is the fun in there? Seeing Sehun and—aarrh never mind. Mom left and I closed the door. "Where are we going Chloe?" Mia asked while arranging the board game. "Uhhh should I bring you guys or not?" I hesitated. "Of course you should! What kind of a friend are you?!" Jamie shouted. "Shhh! Fine ok don't shout, geez" I replied. "So? Where are we going?" "To Sehun's house" I murmured so quiet that they couldn't hear it. "What???" Jamie and Mia said in unison and I said it again. "Chloe, I can't understand? What?" Mia asked. I took a deep breath and said it aloud. "We are going to Sehun's house" "Wait what??! We're gonna go to Sehun's house?! am I right?!" Mia can't hardly explain. "Oh my gosh! Is that true?! I'm finally gonna see sehun's Mom and I bet she's so beautiful" Jamie squealed in happiness. "Wait wait. I'm gonna tell those stupid girls who always bully you that I already went to Sehun's house, bhahaha! I wanna see the look of their faces because of jealousy" Jamie happily said and I got Mad. "Yah!! don't you dare do that! They're gonna kill me and you'll get bully too. They won't get jealous, they're gonna be super mad at you. Also, you promised not to tell anyone!" I explained and she chuckled. "Haha, just kidding, I won't"

"If you two ladies are done talking, we should go now" Mia answered while taking a selca. I fixed myself up and the three of us went down and straightly went to Sehun's house, I knocked at their door. "OMG! OMG! Do I look good?"Jamie said while fixing her hair. " You look awful" Mia teased her and I can sense war again but I'm about to stop it. Just then, Auntie opened the door and we greeted her. "Hi Auntie" I said. "Annyeonghaesayo Jamie imnida. Chloe's classmate and friend" Jamie greeted. "Annyeonghaesayo Mia imnida, it is nice too meet you" Mia answered. "How nice, come in" Auntie offered and we did. "Wow she's even beautiful than I thought" Mia whispered to me and I chuckled. "Wow this house is so beautiful. Everything is so beautiful!" Jamie would probably cry. Anyway, I glanced at Sehun and he looked at me. He's sitting at their couch while playing video games. As I saw the screen, it was Mortal Kombat X! What?! He's playing that? Awesome! "Hey Sehun, can I join?" I asked. I hope he would let me. I love this game and I know the controls. "Tch. Do you know how to play it?" he asked. "Aigoo, of course you do" I uttered. "Ok fine knock yourself out" he replied and I took another controller. "Hi Sehun!" Jamie and Mia happily said but Sehun ignored it. "Yah, Sehun they said Hi" I murmured and he looked at me like he's saying 'SO?'

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