Chapter 33 - Accident

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[Chloe's POV]

I still don't know about Sehun's surprise for me, and I don't understand why there are so many girls around Jin these past few days. Yeah I know, I'm not UPDATED. It's because I go home really early and another thing is that I don't see Jin often, in their house or in School. Yeah I can see him rarely, but from afar. I think they have a problem with each other, Jamie and him.

"Hey Chloe, are you listening?" I got back on my senses when I heard Mia. "Um I'm sorry, what is it?" I asked while eating my dish again. She pouted, "Never mind" then she looked away. Hey what's wrong? Is it me? Well, forgive my brain from thinking so many things -_-

I looked around. Its crowded today at the canteen and my eyes went back at the table on the corner and I saw a student standing, he eventually looked at me and what made me shocked is that he waved at me... wait at me? I glanced from left to right and pointed myself and he smiled. WELL THAT'S NEW...HE'S NEW, I haven't seen him yet, maybe he's the new transfer that teacher was telling us earlier, MAYBE.

I just made a fake smile and went back to what I am eating. Our table moved and was disturbed, good thing I held the glass of water before it would spill out on my clothes and if that happened, this could be my unlucky day.

Jamie moaned while her head is on the table, well that what made the table moved alright. "Chanyeollllll" she said it quietly while stomping her foot. Yah Jamie, do not tell me you miss Chanyeol. Because on what I see, you're already falling for Jin so you are calling Chanyeol in order to forget the feelings you have for JIN.

Speaking about Jin, "Hey Jamie did Jin and you quarrelled?" I can't hide it anymore so I asked her about it and her eyes immediately widened and she stood up, "WHAT? PFFT WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?"

"Sit down Jamie, you're embarrassing me geez" Mia said, huh not only you Mia. Good thing Jamie followed her. I looked at her saying that I'm waiting for her answer.

"That's non-sense Chloe" she murmured.

Wait wait, my question is the one who is NON-SENSE not your answer Jamie HAHA. Forgive my stupid mind.

Cuz think about it, JAMIE AND JIN ALWAYS QUARELL WITH EACH OTHER. They can't even negotiate with such things. Maybe my thoughts were just floating too much earlier that I even thought about that.

"Umm, wait sorry never mind what I said. It's just a joke" I patted her back and she took a deep sigh.

"ANNOUNCEMENT STUDENTS" We all heard the person who said it and it was Mr. Lee

All of the students were looking at him so we also did, wait why is Jin standing beside Mr. Lee?.

"I just want to tell you guys that the basketball group White Wolves will be having a new teammate in exchange for their former member Peter, and that would be this boy" he grabbed Jin.

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