Chapter 13 - Exchanged Numbers

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[ Chloe's POV ]

I'm done eating breakfast, I'll just need to wear my school shoes and I'm ready to hit the road. "Chloe, Sehun's waiting outside, hurry." Mom said from the kitchen, she's washing the dishes. "Ok Mom, I'll be right there" I answered and wear my shoes. I was about to get out until suddenly I remembered my phone, I left it on my room, so without Mom knowing, I hurriedly went upstairs and to my room. After I got it, I went downstairs and move out. "Bye Mom!" I smilingly said at the same time waiving my hand. Then I walked towards Sehun, "Good morning!" I said with delight. "Good morning too, let's go" he replied and I nodded. We started walking, Wow, he's really sincere in breaking that one meter yesterday. Well I'm glad that's over, I don't wanna be captured by those stupid girls and drag me to the bushes again.

While we're walking, Sehun spoke up. "Hey, did your parents noticed your arms yesterday?" he asked while looking straightly on the way. "Umm, no because I didn't show it to them" I answered, looking down on the floor. "Well, always be careful and don't let them hurt you" he replied back. I just took a big sigh and said "ok".

[ Sehun's POV ]

I don't know why I am being like this, caring for Chloe. And I hate to see her being hurt, and sometimes I'm being so uneasy whenever she's not around or while waiting for her on the school gate, I always thought that something bad could happen to her. And I think that's the reason why I always scold her.

Anyway, we're almost at the school gate, and by the time we got there, I reminded her again to be careful. She just giggled and nodded, after that we separate our ways.

[ Chloe's POV ]

Wow that was weird, he's really being nice to me. I went off and started my way going to our classroom. As I went there, I saw Jamie and Mia chatting again. I walked towards them "Hey guys!" I greeted them. "Oh, Chloe! You're here" Jamie said. "Hey! Naeun is looking for you. She's panicking because you didn't introduce her to Chanyeol yesterday" Mia said. "Oh right! I forgot! Where is she?" I curiously asked. "She went to the comfort room but she'll be back anyway. Just wait for her" Jamie said. I just nodded and went to my seat. After a few minutes, she came back. We both saw each other. She hurriedly ran towards my seat. "Hey! You're here. I heard that you introduced Jamie to Chanyeol . How about me?" she said then pouted. "Ok, ok. Sorry if I forgot about it but I'll introduce you when I see him. Ok?" I said. "Ok" she said then she hugged me. Ms. Park came in all of my classmates went to their respective seats.

<<Classes Started>>


<<Lunch Break>>

We sat at our table and ate our lunch. Suddenly, Naeun came. "Hey guys, may I join you? You know, if you suddenly forgot about it, I'm here to remind you again and again." she said. We all just chuckle and I replied "Sure. No problem" . She sat beside us and we continue eating. "Hey guys, I need to go to the comfort room. I'll be back" I said then I stood up. "Ok, sure" Jamie replied. I went to the comfort room.

After that, I continued walking to the canteen when suddenly someone appeared in front of me. I was about to scream when I noticed that it's Chanyeol. "Hey it's me." he chuckled. I threw a big sigh. "You scared me to death" I said. "Haha, sorry." he laughed. "What is it?" I asked. "It's just...can I have your phone number?" he said while scratching his nape. "What!? Y-you want my number?" I nervously said. "Ah, y-yeah" he replied shyly. "Oh,hehe ok" I said and we've exchanged numbers. "Hey, do you mind going with me to back to the canteen? I have someone who wants to meet you" I asked him. "Umm...sure. Let's go now" he replied with a smile. Then we went back to the canteen. As we've reached the canteen, I saw Jamie waving at us. "Hey you're here and...kyaaa~ Chanyeol!" Naeun rasped.

"Chanyeol this is Naeun"

"Naeun this is Chanyeol"

I said and they looked and smiled at each other. I can see Jamie looking away. I think she's kinda jealous. Until suddenly, D.O came "Hey Chanyeol, we have to go now" he said dragging Chanyeol away, "Bye guys!" Chanyeol said and they went off.

I took a sigh. "Well, at least you've meet him, Naeun" I said and Mia tapped her back "Yeah, it's ok even though it was a short time" Mia chuckled. "Yeah, your're right" Naeun replied. "Ok! That's enough of that, let's all finish our food so we can head back to class" Jamie said and we all just nodded in agreement.

After we ate, we all went back to class and waited for our teacher to come. After a few minutes, our teacher came...

( Seatworks....Homeworks....)


Finally, I can go home now, I mean--


me and Sehun. I went towards the school gate and saw him standing there, so I hurriedly walked towards him. "Hey Sehun, I'm here now, let's go" I said looking to him. "Ok" he replied and we went off.

Well, we don't have any topics to discuss so I just kept quiet until we've reached home. I took a sigh "OK, we're here now, b-bye! See you tomorrow" I said with a smile. He just smirked at me what's with the smirk? and said "Ok", and we went to our respective home.


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