Chapter 35 - Hello Lotte World (Part 1)

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[Chloe's POV]

I don't clearly know of why Sehun brought me inside their house, I mean I could just wait for him outside. Oh! I got something better! I'll go inside our house and take a rest! -_- yah Sehun mind your own business.

In the middle of his conversation with Auntie, I told them that I'll be going but Dragged me towards the living room, and Mom and Dad was there. Okay what just happened? I wasn't informed.

Well it's my fault also, I wasn't listening to the conversation Sehun and Auntie had earlier. I was thinking about going home and watch some TV but yeah, here I am.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" I gave her a hug, also Dad. "You're Auntie has something to say sweetie" Dad said and I just nodded in respond.

"What is it Auntie?" I asked and she gestured Sehun to tell me. "You tell her" he answered and there is an excitement in his voice that got me curious. Auntie was about to spoke up but Sehun got on her way

Seriously??? Just get to the point already.

"We're all going to the LOTTE WORLD" he answered and Mom and Dad started clapping their hands. Oh ok fine...Wait what?! LOTTE WORLD? That was like the coolest amusement park here at Korea. I got my jaws dropped and Sehun eventually closed it, tch.

"Really? When?" I asked, looking at Auntie.

"Well, probably tomorrow. Saturday"

Tomorrow? Well, that's fine with me. My last question is, how many are we? Is Vanessa included? Tss of course Chloe she is.

"Hello World! I'm so excited for tomorrow! Lotte World, here we gooo~"

We all looked at the direction from which the voice came. She went down from the stairs and hugged Sehun and looked at me badly, I bit my lower lips and looked down. "So, what time are we going to go there?" Vanessa asked Auntie.

"At around 9 a.m." she replied. "Stop hugging Sehun-ah Vanessa, he's not used to it" I was shocked when Auntie said that to Vanessa. What happened to the world?

Vanessa let go from the hug and pouted, tch cuteness can't save you, don't worry I tried using that thing with Mom but it didn't worked out.

The three of us said our farewell to them and went outside. I glanced at Sehun for a second and he smiled a bit at me. I felt the hotness on my cheeks and that made him chuckled.

Mom prepared dinner while Dad is arranging the table. I didn't have the time to help them because I should do my homeworks first. Tomorrow is a Big Day and I don't want any school tasks to ruin my mind. Because last time, I indeed had a great time at the Mall with my friends but I forgot to do my school task and I don't want that to happen again, not now.

Just then, we started eating Dinner. Our Topic was about my School, well It has always been ._.


Yesss finally, Ii can watch some TV. I've been waiting for this time and gladly it happened. I started watching my favourite channel.

"Chloe, mind if I talk to you for a minute?" I turned around and saw Dad. Talk? With me? Why yes of course, it's been a long time since Dad and I talked. Believe me, when he talks about something, he's practically serious with it.

We went to our gazebo upstairs. It's simple yet beautiful, Me and Dad designed this. Dad has an architected side and I do too.

I sat on the white couch. "Wait here, I'll get the drink I made for the both of us" he said and my lips just turned into a smile. Awww, thanks Dad. I looked around and eventually, I eyes stopped by the time I saw Sehun. He's reading a book while sitting on a tall chair outside. Such a nice view to look at. I stared at him and he's just so perfect. Perfect lighting, perfect nature view and a perfect him.

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