Chapter 11 - Together

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[ Chloe’s POV ]        

“Yah! Who’s gonna cook our lunch?” he asked. “Cook it yourself” I rolled my eyes and left. Gosh! What’s wrong with him, arhhh! Did I really thought that he’s gonna kiss me? “Damn! Stop it Chloe! Wake up!” I shouted and run towards their house door and got out. Then I went to our house.

[ Sehun’s POV ]

“ Damn! Stop it Chloe! Wake up!” I heard Chloe shouted from downstairs. “Hahaha, it’s so fun watching her getting pissed off.” I said while laughing and kept on rolling onto my bed. My mood always lightened up when I’m always teasing her. At that point, I got out of bed and went downstairs to see if she’s there, but then I noticed that she left. So what I did, I walked towards our kitchen and opened our refrigerator then I brought out some vegetables and ingredients for that dish. I put it all in the basket and went out of our house, then I walked towards Chloe’s house. At their front door, I knocked and someone opened it. It’s Chloe. “W-what are you doing here?” she asked with furrowed eyebrows. I immediately gave her the basket. She stepped backwards because it hit her but still, she took it. “Cook that in our house, ok? So let’s go” I smirked. “But” she added. “Aishh, c’mon” I replied and grabbed her arm then we went to our house.

[ Chloe’s POV ]

When we reached their house and went inside, he said “Hey, don’t ever leave me again, ok? ” and smiled. Then he walked towards the couch and sat, at the same time, turned on the television.

 I just stand there frozen. “ Yah! What’s wrong with you” Sehun chuckled. I just ignored it and looked at the basket. “Hey, Sehun, am I gonna cook Bibimbap?” I asked. “Yeah” he said while looking at the television.

I just knew it because it’s full of vegetables. “Ok, but it’s still early” I said but he just looked at me and took a sigh. “Ok fine, let’s just watch television” he said. “C’mon, sit here” he added and patted the seat beside him. “Psh, ok fine” I murmured. “Just leave the basket on the kitchen” he said and I just nodded. After I put it there. I sat at the corner of the couch. The couch is an L shape, and it’s wide and big with a color of white. They also have one sitter couch, a pair of them. “Yah! Why are you so far away” he spoke up. “Why? What’s wrong with being so far away? Your television is big though. I can still see it” I replied. “Psh, whatever” he answered while looking at the television. Then he switched the channel to Running Man, a variety show. I was fond of watching it because it’s entertaining. After a few minutes, he switched it again and again and again that I can’t understand him. “Yah! Can you please select a channel?” I irritatingly said. He just looked at me and kept on switching again. “Unbelievable” I muttered. So what I did, I went to him and grabbed the remote and switched it back to the channel Running Man. “There, much better!” I said happily. “Aishh, give me that!” he replied annoyingly. I just stick my tongue to him and said “No way, you don’t know how to watch a television” I said and we fought and kept on running circles until suddenly he grabbed my arm so I slipped and fell right next to him on the couch. I can feel his heart beating so fast and he’s trying to catch his breath. Wow he’s really handsome if you look at him in a closer look. We’re both staring at each other’s eyes but I broke it and got up. “Umm, I-I better cook now, it’s almost lunch” I said while looking down because I’m blushing. “You’re blushing” he chuckled. “Stop it” I yelled and went to the kitchen but then I stopped from walking because I remembered something. “How’s his temperature?” I murmured, so I went back to him and he looked at me. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “How are you feeling Sehun?” I asked him curiously. “Well. I still feel kinda feverish” he said. “Ohh” I replied and I immediately touch his neck. “Hey!” he shouted. Of course, I removed my hand from his neck. He is feverish. “Oh well, I’m gonna start to cook now” I said and I went to the kitchen. I started to cook Bibimbap. Hmm. It smells really good, you know. I’m a good chef myself. I also decided to cook a side dish. It’s Kkatnip Kimchi. It’s made with Perilla leaves. They have this kind of leaf in their refrigerator. That’s why it came to my mind to cook it. While cooking, I heard a doorbell. “I’ll get it!” Sehun shouted. “Ok!” I replied.

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