Chapter 4 - Finally Meeting Him

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[ Sehun's POV ]

While I was walking on my way home, I felt that my shoulders are cramping because of that girl. " Aissh! She's so heavy.  Is this a karma of what I did to her this morning, starring at her so coldly, is that it? Psh.

As I've reached home, I entered our  door and Mom saw me. Then, she gradually dragged me into our living room and I saw some guest .  "Sehun, I want you to meet our new neighbors,  Mr. and Mrs. Hwang".  Mom said. "Oh, Annyeonghaseyo! I'm Sehun, it's nice to meet you." I said and bowed to them. " You have an obedient son, Camille" Mr. Hwang said. 

"And he's handsome" Mrs. Hwang added. I get that a lot.

I just chuckled and said thank you. "Oh, by the way, where's Chloe?" Mom asked.  

Who's Chloe?  Their daughter?  I'm curious so I asked mom, "Mom, who's Chloe?" I whispered in her ears. "Oh, Chloe is Mr. and Mrs. Hwang's daughter. She's just about  your age, only 5 months younger than you."  Mom exclaimed.

Then I heard a text message from Mrs. Hwang. "Chloe is on her way now and she's almost here.  I also told her to come to your house because we're also here." Mrs. Hwang said.

"Then that's great! We'll wait for her and have our dinner here ok? We're having a Welcoming Party just for the three of you" Mom said and she went to the dining room and start preparing our foods. I was just about to go upstairs to my room when suddenly, we heard a knock. Someone entered...

My eyes widened and saw that it was that girl who bumped at me this afternoon. Why is she here? Don't tell me she's Chloe. -___-

"Oh, Chloe you're here!" Mrs. Hwang said.Great.

 "Hi Mom, Hi Dad, Hi Auntie!" Chloe said and bowed to them. Then our eyes met, and she looked at me, feeling so irritated and looked away. "Oh, Auntie, here I bought some rice cakes, I hope you like it." Mom requested to me to get the box of rice cakes from Chloe's hand, and give it to her.

As I walked towards her, she stepped back and she handed me the box of rice cakes. As I got it, I felt that our hands touched.  She immediately pulled her hands off and I walked away and to give it to Mom.

[Chloe's POV]

"Dinner is ready!" Auntie said. We sat at the dining table but suddenly... Auntie grabbed my arm. "Chloe, sit here beside Sehun." It was awkward but I have no choice. I sat beside him. He just looked at me and move his chair a little bit away from me. Hmpf!


The dinner was so delicious. "Uhhmm, could you please pass that dish beside you, S-Sehun?" I said. He just ignored me. I rolled my eye, psh so stubborn. "Sehun, Chloe is asking for that dish beside you! Pass it to her!" Auntie said. Sehun sighed and pass the dish to me. "Kamsahamnida" I said.


Our parents were talking while me and Sehun were just sitting apart from each other. "Sehun, why aren't you talking with Chloe? Talk with her." Auntie said. Sehun didn't respond so I tried to talk with him. "So...about what happened this afternoon, I'm sorry. It was an accident. I didn't mean to bump you. I was just looking for my locker keys" I said pleasingly but deep inside, I was really pissed off. 

"You mean, these keys?" he replied.


"Y-yes. That's mine. How did you found it? Give me that" I said surprisingly.

" It fell from your bag's pouch... and why would I give it to you. Don't you know that my shoulders are cramping because of you? You're so heavy and stupid." He said.

"Yah! I'm not stupid! Just give me that!" I said. He just put it in his bag and went upstairs.

He's so mean. I tried to catch him but I didn't because I was so shy and Auntie's here.  I'm in another's house. Hello?

Aissh, fine l'll just get it by tomorrow. Huhu >~<

Then I heard my Mom saying...

"Oh, thank you for that wonderful dinner. It's really late now and our kids have school tomorrow. We need to go now. Thank you again. Bye!" We got up and went to our house.

"Goodnight Mom, goodnight Dad" I said. I immediately went to my room to change and clean myself. After that, I jumped to bed. How can I get my keys tomorrow. (sigh). I went to sleep...Goodnight.


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