Chapter 20 - Buying this and that

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[ Sehun's POV ]

"Sehun, come here!" I heard Mom said from downstairs. "Wait!" I replied and I hurriedly put on my uniform then grabbed my bag. I got out of my room and went downstairs to see Mom. I saw her sitting on the couch so I sat there. "Good morning Mom, what is it you want to tell me?" I asked. "Well, tomorrow would be my birthday, and I'm gonna invite my friends, your uncle and aunties with your cousins." She answered; "Okay Mom, it's up to you" I smiled. "And all the EXO members" she added. Tsk, Don't tell me she just wanna invite them so Chloe would meet them. "O-ok" I just agreed so there would be no trouble. "Is Chloe invited Mom?" I asked. "Aissh, of course. The three of them are and I already told Chloe's Mom about that." She slightly got annoyed. "OK,ok" I immediately replied. "Now, your breakfast is on the dining table so start eating so you can go to school now." she calmly said.

[ Chloe's POV ]

"Ohhh, today's Friday and tomorrow will be Auntie's birthday" I yawned as I stretch my arms. I fixed myself up, took a bath, and wore my uniform. I went downstairs and walked towards the kitchen. I saw Mom sitting on the dining table; drinking some coffee while my food is waiting for me at the table. "Oh Chloe, eat your breakfast now" Mom patted the sit beside her and I nodded. As I started eating, Mom spoke up. "Chloe, tomorrow will be your Auntie's birthday and she invited us. Is that ok to you?" she queried. "Yes, of course Mom" I smiled. "Well then ok" she replied.

After eating and all the things I have to do. I said goodbye to Mom and went outside. Sehun is there, waiting for me. "Hey!" I got his attention, "Finally" he groan. We then started walking. Right then, I remembered something. Oh! About the gift, I have to ask Sehun about the things Auntie likes.

"Sehun, I just wanna ask, what are the things Auntie loves?"

"Well, she likes dresses, accessories, bags and things that would look lovely to our house"

"Oh, I can see she likes those things"

"But I'm sure she'll like anything as long as it comes from you"

"Really?" I smiled and he nodded.


Right now, were eating our lunch. Mrs. Park told us earlier to straightly go to the track and field after lunch. I'm not talking, just eating my food while Jamie and Mia kept on chatting and laughing with each other. I can say that these two are really close. Every time they fought about something so foolish, they're always asking me whose right. "Chloe! The chicken comes first before the egg right?" Jamie insisted. "Aniyo! The egg comes first!" Mia interrupted. "Umm-" Jamie cut me off, "See? I told you I was right" she said proudly. "Tsh, she's not yet done talking" Mia rolled her eyes. Aissh, I don't have time for this nonsense, "Just stop it already and finish you're food so we can go now" I annoyingly said and they both stop quarrelling. Ahh, finally...I was waiting for this moment to come.

[At the track and field]

I think I'm gonna have a headache because of these two, please stop it already, stop running. You two are lucky cuz Mr. Jung is not yet here even though he's twenty minutes late. "Mia! This isn't funny! Stop it" Jamie shouted so badly while Mia just sticks her tongue out and continued to chase Jamie with a bottle of water. I think she's gonna spill it on her. Just then, Jamie approached me and hid on my back. "Chloe, help me, that girl is crazy" she murmured. "Tch, your both crazy and stop it already" I requested, and then Mia came near us. "Mia stop it" I added. "Finally he's here" we heard Naeun said and sigh, the three of us turned back and I saw Mr. Jung approaching us all. "I'm so sorry guys that I'm late. We had a short meeting with the Principal" he said. "It's ok sir, we understand" I replied. He cleared his throat, "Well then, let's all start now" he answered and we all nodded.

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