PART 1: I squirt him with a hose...and now i have to marry him? arranged marriage

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I will have to admit that today is going pretty well. My mother and father have stopped fighting, and my brother has stopped being a total pee-brain and actually started being nice to me. I know, I know, there is probably something coming, but I couldn't help but take advantage of the time that he was like this. My mother, Alicia Gunner was a business woman that was stunningly beautiful for a woman her age. She was tall, had platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. My father, Jordan Gunner, looked much the same, but his hair was beginning to go gray in some places. His eyes were also blue, and he was very built. My brother, Kaelb Gunner, looked just like my dad, except his muscles were massive compared to my dad. That's what hours of working out in the gym does to you. And then there is me, Charlotte Gunner, a thin-with-meat kind of girl, medium height, brown hair and brown eyes. I guess I missed out on the family genes of being beautiful.

So back to what I was saying, I was standing in my bedroom, in my too-big house, wondering what to wear. I had an electric blue ballerina skirt lying on my bed, with a hot pink hoodie, and hot pink pants. I love to be out there, crazy, completely and utterly fearless. But I also had, some electric blue pants out with a white tank top and yellow converse.

After deep thought, I choose the pants and converse because I was going out today and I wanted to save my in-your-face outfit for another time when lots of people would be around.

Running downstairs, I see my mother in the kitchen. Walking in, I noticed that she is standing next to another woman her age, and a beautiful one at that. The only flaw about her was that she was too thin for my liking. The two women kept talking as if I weren't even in the room. Rude much.

Flicking them off, I walked over to the cupboard and pulled out a space food bar and a K-time bar. Don't crack at my weird obsessions people; bars of any sorts are cool.

Strolling out of my house, I see Kaelb talking to some girl, while watering the plants out the front. Obviously he doesn't care about the flowers, which were drowning at this point in time.

"Kaelb, the flowers!" I screamed at him, jumping around in a huge fuss, he looks down to see the flowers and mud on the green as green can be grass. Shit, someone is going to get in trouble.

Turning to look at me, the hose still on, Kaelb raised it so that the water sprayed out and hit my white top and my hair.

"That's for not telling me sooner. Mum is going to kill me" he swore under his breath, the girl giving him a puzzled expression and walking away.

I was still stunned that he actually did that to me.

"Kaelb, you are dead" I yelled at him and began to run towards him. Now for those who haven't met my brother, he is big and I'm talking, Emmet Cullen big. Launching for him, all he did was raise the hose into my face and water when everywhere. My hair was a mess, but I didn't really care, and my clothes were soaked. Grabbing onto Kaelb, I managed to turn to hose so that is was facing him, and let the water do its job. Kaelb laughed as he let go of the hose, letting it fly everywhere. He peeled off his shirt and looked at me, laughing. My brother had muscles in all the right places, I won't deny that, and his stomach was toned to a point where any girl that saw it would fall in love with him. I gave him a you-better-stop-laughing look, but it just made him laugh even harder. Throughout our little conversation, neither of us noticed the hose and just who it was wetting. Because the next thing we heard was swearing and cursing.

"Ah, shit, crap, get this piece of junk away from me, argh, I just had a shower" a boy shouted from across the lawn. Looking away from each other, I turned and faced the boy. And my oh my, was I surprised. His face was a perfect shape. His full lips were turned into a frown, and his cute little nose was all crinkled up. His hair was to die for. His black fringe would have been perfectly pushed to the side, if the water hadn't gotten to it, and it would have hung just against his eyes, but was now hanging over his face. His eyes were green and the most amazing green colour that I have ever seen. They just watched me from across the lawn, while he was screaming that is.

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