Home- Morgan Rielly, Auston Mathews by nhlobsessed38
Home- Morgan Rielly, Auston Mathewsby Hawk-Leafs-Habs-Caps
I ran away from it all, the abuse, the people, my family, and my home. Sometimes I question weather or not Toronto was the best place to move too. It seams all I did wa...
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Give Into Me { T. Seguin } by hipchecksandhomeruns
Give Into Me { T. Seguin }by .
I'm gonna wear you down, I'm gonna make you see, I'm gonna get to you, You're gonna give into me. { also on Mibba }
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Daughter // Tyler Seguin by madsxxx
Daughter // Tyler Seguinby Maddie
Harley and Tyler have been friends all their lives but can one mistake and an NHL draft ruin all of that? DISCLAIMER *This is all fake information and literally the only...
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Juliette Prefers William- W.NYLANDER by SleepyMaatta
Juliette Prefers William- SleepyMaatta
Juliette embarks on her journey to the Olympics, but when she crosses the path of a certain Swede, her mind is now not only focused on winning gold, but on the boy with...
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Fire and Ice by pumpkinspicelatte_
Fire and Iceby Katelyn
Stuck up, moody, and major figure skating talent, Scarlett James, finds herself falling, literally, over and for Graham Ryan - star hockey player and major sweetheart. A...
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thin ice // mitch marner by bittersvveet
thin ice // mitch marnerby violet
"don't tell auston" thin ice, all rights reserved 2016-2018
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offsetting minors | s. crosby by dreamsofparadise
offsetting minors | s. crosbyby dreamsofparadise
Dr. Elliot Greyson is new to Pittsburgh and is just trying to get through her first year as a surgical resident unscathed. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh royalty, has always...
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Imagines// quick shots (requests open!) by Auburnbay
Imagines// quick shots (requests Auburnbay
Just a place where I can write my fan fictions about my favourite things. Occasional smut, but you will be warned. Feel free to comment suggestions on anything, I'll t...
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Love on Ice  [BoyxBoy] by Ever_Everest13
Love on Ice [BoyxBoy]by Summer Flare
In which a gay ice skater and a religious hockey player fall in love. {Warning! Contains detailed sex, rape, and attempt of suicide! Read at your own risk!}
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In a world full of reality I think we deserve our own fantasies :)
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NHL Imagines  by gexrgiegirl
NHL Imagines by G e o r g i e
Imagines with your favorite players (Mainly NHL, but I'm also open to do OHL, AHL, NWHL, etc.) Thank you so much for reading!
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breakaway by AveryKeelan
breakawayby AveryKeelan
When nursing student Ryan Winters moves into hockey captain Ethan Russell's place, they both agree that they can keep things from getting weird. The only problem? Smolde...
  • drama
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NHL Imagines by emm802
NHL Imaginesby Emma
To play the game is good, to win is better, but to love the game is best of all -Unknown Just a book full of hockey imagines written by a bored girl in New York. (Who...
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Below Average || Auston Matthews by Desmoulin11
Below Average || Auston Matthewsby Ry-Ry
Auston Matthews falls for an outsider
  • williamnylander
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Worlds Collide.  by rachel_dulay
Worlds Collide. by rachel
"I've told you to stay away from my teammates!" Mitch yells, I cross my arms. "And I've told them to stay away from you!" "You can't control my...
  • teenfiction
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The Sound of Ice by MAndALaptop
The Sound of Iceby M
Cameron Beckett, at only seventeen years old, is an incredibly gifted hockey player. The pressure on him increases when he begins to struggle with his sexuality. [wattpa...
  • chl
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Slapshots {BOYXBOY} by Spotlight_
Slapshots {BOYXBOY}by 👻👻
Matthew Chandlers is the captain of his school's hockey team, whose dad just happened to be the coach of. But if you ask Matt he'll tell you, his dad being the coach is...
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The Deal by IBite_
The Dealby IBite_
She's about to make a deal with the college bad girl... Camila Cabello has finally found someone who turns her on. But while she might be confident in every other area o...
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Restart // Tyler Seguin by musicsmylove97
Restart // Tyler Seguinby Katelynn
Even with the 2013-14 NHL season approaching, Tyler Seguin still manages to get his feet wet in Dallas by offering to work at a family-run farm in the town of Sunnyvale...
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More Than Meets The Eye (Tyler Seguin Fanfic) by hockeys18
More Than Meets The Eye (Tyler hockeys18
Meet Jamie Benn's bestfriend, a green eyed, blonde haired, Dallas star journalist, Nicola. Nicola has a really low tolerance when it comes to immature people and takes h...
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