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Lies My Family Kept From Me by Nedume
Lies My Family Kept From Meby Nelson Mejia
I am one hundred percent sure i did not kill her, but my word has no value when my own family "admits" i did. There is something behind the murder of Eda Tanne...
  • last
  • suspense
  • prefinale
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The Last Lioness: As A Cub by TeenageDreamCatcher
The Last Lioness: As A Cubby Caitlin
Sancha is the last lioness. Her pride was hunted down and destroyed by hunters. There is plenty off food. Along with annoying hyenas, disruptive cheetahs and ignorant le...
  • yay
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  • imsohappy
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SidonXLink Smuts And Fluffs And Just Random Stuff by MinAgust20
SidonXLink Smuts And Fluffs And Ju...by MinAgust20
Its in the title. ENJOY
  • link
  • sidon
  • zoras
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Cookies and Cream by ruevian
Cookies and Creamby Rue
Book 1 ❝ She was sweet like cookies, he was smooth like cream.❞ In which two best friends break apart but slowly find their way back home. #8 in short story Cover by xF...
  • bestfriends
  • nutella
  • romance
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Library Love by kpgcatlover
Library Loveby kpgcatlover
Dewey Decimal Daniels. That isn't a name you would expect a girl to have, is it? Thanks to her parents, who first met at the small town's...
  • yay
  • wow
  • books
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Skinny Love(Draco Malfoy) by sebstanstan
Skinny Love(Draco Malfoy)by rosa .
Elora was only a child when she was adopted by the Granger family, already coming to terms with the fact that she'll never be the same as her new parents. Going to Hogwa...
  • harry
  • potter
  • draco
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Texting Seokjin✔️ by CindyLuvsBTS
Texting Seokjin✔️by Cindy
A girl who randomly received food pictures from an unknown number. ~editing~
  • yay
  • jinnie
  • shookyeondan
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Hiro Hamada Boyfriend Scenerios (Hiro Hamada X Reader) by MegaBlazethecat
Hiro Hamada Boyfriend Scenerios (H...by MegaBlazethecat
This is a set filled of boyfriend scenarios with Hiro Hamada from Big Heto 6. All of the scenerios contain you and Hiro spending time to together, pretty cute don't you...
  • boyfriendscenerios
  • fanfic
  • yay
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Buffalo [h.s.] by jessieboo12
Buffalo [h.s.]by ☹ sid ☹
Is fourteen days enough time to fall in love? Fae didn't think so. But when this gawky resort housekeeper stumbles into yet another awkward situation, this one inclusive...
  • direction
  • onedirection
  • harry
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My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
  • angel
  • threat
  • horse
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My Next Door Neighbor by April_Lake
My Next Door Neighborby April Lake
For Cassidy Richards, nothing's been going right. Her parents died in a plane crash her freshman year. Though she gained a boyfriend, he left her not too long before her...
  • girl
  • smile
  • romantic
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Homestuck Sexcanons [COMPLETED] by Carbonmethequins
Homestuck Sexcanons [COMPLETED]by [inactive]
For the love of Homestuck, I want someone to read the first half of this book, cringe, and actually tell me about it.
  • homestuck
  • yay
  • random
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Paw prints by kkskatnip
Paw printsby Katie Steiner
Conner is being challenged as Alpha Fell has her old life ripped away from her and is forced to be an animal There is a crazed wolf on the loose not only changing peo...
  • revenge
  • werewolf
  • girlboy
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no homo // scorbus texting au by hvfflepvffs
no homo // scorbus texting auby xander
albus: scorpius albus: scorpius albus: scorPIUS scorpius: WHAT albus: ur cute. albus: no homo. scorpius: we're DATING
  • boyxboy
  • harrypotter
  • albus
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Going Live- A Destiel Fanfic by DamnThatsDeep
Going Live- A Destiel Fanficby DamnThatsDeep
Castiel Novak is your average, everyday college student. Stressed and full of student debt. After numerous attempts to find a place to stay, Gabriel finds a place with h...
  • sad
  • college
  • fluff
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Closet for One by Silas-Jones
Closet for Oneby Silas Jones
Amy is an average girl. She has a cute boyfriend and a nice group of friends. The only problem is, her boyfriend isn't who she loves, he's just a beard. Follow Amy as sh...
  • same
  • cute
  • school
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Queen of Magic (Book 1)  by WillieNillieFlys
Queen of Magic (Book 1) by Willie
How Merlins story would be if he were a girl.
  • merlin
  • camelot
  • fem
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52. (BoyxBoy) by RainbowUnicorns
52. (BoyxBoy)by Annalie
Aiden's life is a lonely mess of suffering and torment. He's bullied daily, and abused by his mother. He's fed up with it, and on the 52nd day of the year, he's going to...
  • answers
  • slash
  • hate
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old friends by trinxtrinn
old friendsby *•.¸♡ ᵀᴿᴵᴺᴵᵀᵞ ♡¸.•*
Just some old friends who get reconnected ;) All rights reserved
  • joeybirlem
  • zachclayton
  • love
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kpop incorrect quotes by yeosmeogeo
kpop incorrect quotesby yuta
yeetv 🤠
  • memes
  • ikon
  • tvxq
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