BTS X Reader by idealmesuperb
BTS X Readerby idealmesuperb
You have been a fan of BTS for just a short time but you really wanted to see them so when you heard that they will have a concert you quickly asked for your parents' pe...
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Baby?!?! by Lillian_Galla
Baby?!?!by Lillylou
(changed the cover) Yuri and Victor have gone to Russia to help train there friend Yuri, aka Yurio. But while they're there something strange happens. I recently thought...
  • week
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Bear Book Club  by RafaelJeff
Bear Book Club by Fuck_Feelings
Currently (open) and accepting new members. All genres and Ratings accepted. A club for Authors and Readers. Post of Admin is currently open for non members of the club...
  • writer
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Dating Hollywood's Bad Boy by laurenejohnson
Dating Hollywood's Bad Boyby Lauren Elizabeth
When Jack Stone accepts a "challenge" from Kaylyn Bradford to make her fall in love with him, Kaylyn hates Jack even more. She is the one person who doesn't ad...
  • enough
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Five Minds, One Ending by Jalehly
Five Minds, One Endingby Lexine Jaleh
Not all stories have happy endings. Have you ever stopped to think if someone you knew was going through a troubled time in their life? Have you ever wondered if they we...
  • love
  • hurt
  • bullying
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Sleepover (Ed x reader x Al) AU by nicolexx34
Sleepover (Ed x reader x Al) AUby Nicole
An operation to make Edward jealous gone wrong. A week-long sleepover at your house with Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, and Winry, who comes up with this idea of a prank...
  • winrythegustofwind
  • edward
  • alphonse
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Wrestling Week 2: 2018 Edition by IceCream_Hugs
Wrestling Week 2: 2018 Editionby Taryn
Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Wrestling Week on my page!! This year, I think I'm going to do a classic ship (one that is my all-time favorite) and go with Ambrol...
  • week
  • lgbt
  • wattpride
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KatsuDeku Week by Kira4Hundred
KatsuDeku Weekby Kira4Hundred
Drabbles y/o One-shots KatsuDeku ::Necesidad:: ::Día 1: Matrimonio:: ::Día 2: Verano:: ::Día 3: Victoriano/Steampunk:: ::Día 4: Cartas:: ::Día 5: Empresarial u oficinist...
  • midoriya
  • steampunk
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That One Cover Book by xxoluomzxx
That One Cover Bookby imaspellingerror
I make covers for free All you need to do is request in the comments with some details on how you want the cover and it'll be made within a week once I've replied Free...
  • week
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Love Slow - h.s. by -badlandstyles
Love Slow - h.s.by sydney
Stella Rose Wilder is the designer and owner of one of the biggest, up-and-coming design labels in the fashion world. Harry Styles is, as you may know, one of the bigges...
  • wildflower
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⇞ KatsuDeku Week ⇟ by JaaiiMacaya
⇞ KatsuDeku Week ⇟by ♡Galletita♡
Serie de OS para la KatsuDeku Week del grupo de Facebook "KatsuDekuKatsu💚"
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  • bnha
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It all started because of a cup of coffee  by BlinkingintheSun
It all started because of a cup of...by BlinkingintheSun
Violet Sims works as an intern for Frasier Corp. Mainly getting coffee, filing paper work, running errands and making copies. She only puts up with it all in hopes that...
  • one
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Pokeshipping Week - 2017 by Percyfan1998
Pokeshipping Week - 2017by David
Updated every day with themes based on the Pokeshipping Tumblr's Pokeshipping week theme list. With only day three being the exception, because Misty and Rudy? Sorry...
  • misty
  • ashxmisty
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Just Think by Cobalt_Blu
Just Thinkby •ωσℓғɛʏ•
Pics that make u think. Dont just look and be like whatever. Ok so if ur gonna read this than i hope you guys will actually give a thought to what u see ~Readers Thought...
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FrostIron Week by LenKiryuu
FrostIron Weekby LenKiryuu
Este challenge fue creado por Multishipper-Trash en la página de Facebook FrostIron { https://www.facebook.com/Frostironfans/ } Días: 01. Batalla. 02. Cita. 03. Hechizo...
  • week
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One Week To Love You       (before I Die) by IamKabaneri
One Week To Love You (before...by Bella Aria Delphinium
"isang linggo" pitong araw pero maraming oras na makakasama ka bago ako mawala. masakit isipin sa isang linggo, bihira kang magpakita sa akin. bihira mo akong...
  • week
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RivaMika Week: Tarot Cards by Anastrisha
RivaMika Week: Tarot Cardsby Anastrisha
For this week, December 25 2015 - January 1 2016, We'll be celebrating RivaMika Week! This theme this time, according to the RivaMika website, Is Tarot Cards.
  • levixmikasa
  • mikasa
  • erwin
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❝harmonious❞ ● otayuuri week by boobeartae
❝harmonious❞ ● otayuuri weekby pía.
【❀ 調和】━One-shots de la bella pareja que hacen Otabek Altin y Yuuri Katsuki, para el reto de siete días que está realizando @TheRealBlackWitch
  • anime
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  • yurionice
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Goldred Week (2017) // Goldred) // FNAFHS by KyraAlex7u7
Goldred Week (2017) // Goldred)...by El vato del Goldred)¿
La Goldred Week regreso)¿¿¿ kjdsfnsdkjfnsdkjfnsdjkfns -18 de diciembre/24 de diciembre + dia extra(opcional)- Portada por: @Flor_en_cautiverio Personajes de la Serie FNA...
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~ ★ Week Goldred ★ ~ by Shinohi
~ ★ Week Goldred ★ ~by ★Shinohi★
Una total semana dedicada a la pareja de las perfecciones shadows, Gold y Fred ♥
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  • yaoi
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