Her Werebear  by SamoHas
Her Werebear by Samo
Her Werebear He was a Gamma turned Beta. Found by his now Alpha and accepted in. Challenged by many yet never faced defeat. Silent and deadly. Not a wolf but a bear. Br...
  • bond
  • pack
  • romance
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The Moon and the Star by Amiauron
The Moon and the Starby Marissa Teng
Lucia gave up on finding her mate the second she was given to the strongest Alpha Wolf in the mountains. After years of abuse she finds the strength to finally leave her...
  • moon
  • wattys2018
  • soulmates
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Little Bear《Oliver Queen》 by st-lesharry
Little Bear《Oliver Queen》by Skittles
Oliver Queen wasn't alone on the island. A girl was there when he arrived. she had been there her whole life. she never expected to leave. That is until Oliver Queen sh...
  • queen
  • john
  • johndiggle
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Apex (poly) by ladydragyn
Apex (poly)by ladydragyn
He was a chubby college student born of a meth head and raised by his grandmother. He easily went unnoticed and didn't make waves. He just wants a chance for a better...
  • lab
  • lgbt
  • polyamory
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Brave (Merida x Sam Uley - imprint) by insaneredhead
Brave (Merida x Sam Uley - imprint)by insaneredhead
Merida and her family are a sloth of werebears in La Push, they've managed to keep their secret for years...but when Wolf Pack Alpha Sam imprints on Merida that may all...
  • twilight
  • ouat
  • embrycall
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A Slight Obsession by strawhat_pirate
A Slight Obsessionby strawhat_pirate
Neji didn't volunteer to be gay. It's not sok youmething he wanted or wished for, it's just something he was. He had a crush. It... It wasn't a big deal. Honestly, it w...
  • queer
  • gay
  • neji
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Rightfully Mine. by -SicklySweet-
Rightfully Julian R Hillis
Joseph Demacraft & Aiden Philips story. Can you BEAR to love a broken WOLF.
  • werewolf
  • bear
  • alpha
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The Hurt by Madison-Stout
The Hurtby WritingNerd
A poem about how a mother gives up on its young .
  • family
  • heal
  • poem
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Forever&always    ||blackbear by allbear23
Forever&always ||blackbearby allbear23
"So what's it going to be"Matt says nervously "Forever & Always"
  • matthew
  • matmusto
  • blackbearfic
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america's secrets by andraerawr
america's secretsby andraerawr
The allies and the axis are staying at America's house for a month
  • bear
  • list
  • america
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The Wolf who fell inlove with Little Redhead (HQ yaoi AU) by akaichi801
The Wolf who fell inlove with shewholikesyaoi
The Forest has been forbidden for quite sometime now because of the vicious wolves that were said to be lurking inside the woods. But Hinata doesn't believe in them - he...
  • tsukkiyama
  • kageyama
  • haikyuu
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Art Book by ShelbyHollis_WOF4
Art Bookby VelociraptorMoonclaw
This is my art book. I will take SOMe requests, don't get mad if they're horrible
  • cat
  • wof
  • animal
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O Trapezista /Jikook/ ShortFic by Jiminkook_pk
O Trapezista /Jikook/ ShortFicby (:Coalinha do Mal:)
E no momento em que ele flutuava pelos ares, Jeon Jungkook não pode fazer outra coisa se não ficar hipnotizado pela leveza de seus movimentos na barra do trapézio. Então...
  • bangtan
  • circo
  • bts
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The Plush Sentry by BrothrBear
The Plush Sentryby Brothr Bear
Behr didn't exist then he did. What was existence to a little toy, did it even matter? How could it, he didn't even know that he existed until he did. His world was smal...
  • destiny
  • bear
  • fantasy
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Dear Jaejoongie .. by TheLordVoldemin
Dear Jaejoongie J(ust)Y(un)J(ae)
[Gak pandai bikin Summary] Jaejoong yang memiliki perasaan diberi kesempatan hidup sebagai manusia oleh Peri yang tiba-tiba datang padanya, akan tetapi ia hanya akan ber...
  • aktf
  • yunho
  • yunjae
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A Bears Romance in Autumn by Emberandthekiln
A Bears Romance in Autumnby Thaddeus Craft
I breathed in the cool morning air while I waited for my absolute best friend Phoebe to hurry up and get her coffee from the famous Starbucks. God did she love those sil...
  • notreallychildlikereadingmaterial
  • chubbear
  • bottombear
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Bryan (Intense Smut) by Aubreyender11
Bryan (Intense Smut)by Aubreyender11
this is really gay and kinky 18+😁😁 and this is about my friends
  • nomorehashtags
  • gay
  • ddlg🌈
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Taming The Lost Hunky Bear by DesireInLove
Taming The Lost Hunky Bearby Shayen S
Nadine, a private nurse got a job to cure a paralyzed man in a rich family. She finds her patient has uncooperated behaviours. He's cold, rough and depressed!
  • hunky
  • beautiful
  • fanfiction
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'Your part of this world' by Ellyishoarsome
'Your part of this world'by Eliza hawkings
A true story of a boy named Bear, through heart break, revenge, hate and crime.
  • offenders
  • child
  • bear
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drift x yandere!cuddle team leader  by ImHappyTrash
drift x yandere!cuddle team leader by Fandom trash
oh my gosh. another one?! yup. this one was a challenge. to see who could make the best fan fiction soo onto the description! it's been a while since drift got here. hi...
  • teddy
  • drift
  • bear
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