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Bear (mxm) by TheoryKierei
Bear (mxm)by TheoryKierei
Wait. He was going crazy. How else could he explain the giant brown bear sitting in the large office chair behind his desk?
The bear shifter's  dominant neko                      『B』•『B』 by papa_is_everywhere
The bear shifter's dominant Depression TM
After he has been abandoned by his parents at only eight years old, Teddy was found by a mysterious man and brought into Cambodda, one of the biggest mafias into the shi...
Me and Bear by joanneblackheart
Me and Bearby Joanne Blackheart
Austin, a lonely 20-something man, while trekking through the forest, encounters a bear. The bear chases him and he is convinced it is trying to eat him. Unbeknownst to...
Brother Bear: Little Sister by booklover4life99
Brother Bear: Little Sisterby booklover4life99
Hi, everyone! My name is Tehya. I am the youngest in my family and I have three older brothers who are very overprotective. Their names are Kenai, Denahi, and Sitka. Thi...
From The Inside by Inconvenient_Ideal
From The Insideby 🌻I Drift; I Fall🌻
The days spent within the confines of a cage were perhaps some of the worst days that Beorn had ever known. Through a chance encounter of a fellow escaped prisoner, he h...
The One They Left Behind by Cotton-Candy-Skies
The One They Left Behindby CottonCandyClouds
"If you loved me, why was it so easy for you to walk away?" Rose was used to being forgotten. Her mother had left, then her brother. The one person she never...
Amethyst of The Fringe by AnnaKathrynDavis
Amethyst of The Fringeby Anna Kathryn Davis
#49 in Fantasy for October 2016 "His skin met hers like alchemy, two polar opposites combining to form a beautiful new energy. She loved him. She loved him. She...
9th Master's Little Darling is Trolling Again! by heysoftie_peache
9th Master's Little Darling is cloudy_bear
After her rebirth, Qin Yiyi became the daughter of the Qin Family once again. It's just that her parents didn't love her. It's alright. I've always relied on myself. Wha...
Touch the Sky - Male! Merida x Reader by FutureDiaryAyano
Touch the Sky - Male! Merida x Sakura
Book 12 - Complete " And I'll be shootin' for my own hand! " Ever since Y/n was saved by the young Prince Menzies, she has been infatuated with him. But even i...
Arrow to the Heart (Male Merida x Reader) by Booklord_Abby
Arrow to the Heart (Male Merida Booklord Abby
(Y/N) is a young woman who met Prince Meridan as a child. They grew up close as best friends. When the time comes that Meridan is to marry, both Meridan and (Y/N) are ou...
My Hybrid Mates| BTS  by minnie_kim01
My Hybrid Mates| BTS by Minnie
[COMPLETED] Every human and hybrid alike has a mate or mates that their hearts beat and long for. Some accept them and some... eventually accept it. Mina absolutely love...
Dragon love  (laxus x reader)  by thelittlenovel
Dragon love (laxus x reader) by Anastasia
(Y/n) is a lava and death dragon slayer who was all ways treated differently for her 2 different coloured eyes. She finally joins her uncle in fairy tail and meets a sp...
Songs of Nightmares and Snow  by KasaiTheQueen19
Songs of Nightmares and Snow by Miss Kaz
Astrea works as an enforcer, her job involves taking down the most powerful of supernatural bad guys...and her extraordinary powers make her one of the very few capable...
america's secrets by andraerawr
america's secretsby andraerawr
The allies and the axis are staying at America's house for a month
No One Knows Me But You by glynfrans
No One Knows Me But Youby glyn
When Gus Reed moves to Larkwood, a small town with too much money, nobody wants to be friends with him for a multitude of reasons, the most important one being that he d...
When two fates become one  (Male Merida x reader) by CedricDiggorysthot
When two fates become one (Male Wassuppp 🪐
Maverick refuses to have his freedom written away and forced into a marriage he is not ready to commit to. As his best friend, Y/N feels obligated to accompany him alon...
REPLAY // bondi beach by -ELVEO
REPLAY // bondi beachby -𝐄𝐋𝐕𝐄𝐎
WARNING : there will be swearing in lots of chapters and possibly light mentions of things such as abuse, sex, and drug use . proceed with caution --- IN WHICH...
Taennie: Incorrect Quotes by RubyVantae3016
Taennie: Incorrect Quotesby RubyVantae3016
•A book full of crack and fluff dedicated to our Gucci couple. •Also including special chapters for OG ships. •A book of amazing and funny love life and friendship betw...
Stay - Doctor Mike - by hannahxx98
Stay - Doctor Mike -by Hannahmariexx
She is drowning; suffocating under all that she feels. Her voice is breaking, her eyes burning with fresh tears begging to be shed as she once more musters that smile, t...