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text message/instagram au ❝I left my phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it's really nice and cut...
  • patty
  • peterkavinsky
  • kavinsky
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MISTY by niaaapie
MISTYby YaMama's
THIS IS A COMING OF AGE FICTION, FOR A YOUNGER AGE GROUP! 16-year-old Misty Lashea Collins was a junior in high-school and everything has changed since her 10th grade ye...
  • badboy
  • queen
  • agegap
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Ghostbusters Imagines  by rozetintmyworld
Ghostbusters Imagines by Fernweh
Imagines & Preferences for the 2016 version of Ghostbusters
  • yates
  • tolan
  • erin
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the two tongues (pen oneshots) by Glowofthecities
the two tongues (pen oneshots)by |oh , i got regrets|
a collection of patty walters x ben biss one shots (all written by me) . trigger warnings will be posted at the beginning of needed chapters . if there are any triggers...
  • ben
  • benbiss
  • punk
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The Souls of the Assassins {Karma X Reader} by user27851376
The Souls of the Assassins { VAMPIRE/OTAKU-CHAN
"Oniisan wake up!" I ask while shaking his shoulders "Oniisan!" I say while jumping on his arms and start crying on his shoulders "Imoto? are y...
  • korosensei
  • crossover
  • deaththekid
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Soul x Reader by Fanfic_writing
Soul x Readerby ♥️
[ON HOLD] A love-story between you and Soul Eater Evans! :D Read to find out what happens in the life of Reader-chan!
  • death
  • maka
  • pati
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The only good witch [Souleater  X Witch! Reader] by Heir_of_Heart_
The only good witch [Souleater Dai M.
Being the daughter of a witch is not very safe in this world were people hunt down them for fun and empowerment. But being the only good one I don't know what really is...
  • maka
  • eater
  • liz
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Soul eater x neko reader by Ren_Saints
Soul eater x neko readerby Ren Saints
(y/n) is a very "interesting person" not only is she a weapon but she is a miester as well, but that's not all she also has cat ears and a tail. Read about (y...
  • black
  • deaththekid
  • patty
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A Gillian a youtuber falls in love fast with Patty walters a youtuber as well. They fall in love but do the fans suport them? But something happens to Gillian which make...
  • patty
  • walters
can you match my wavelength? ( Soul Eater fan fiction) by LaakinGangale
can you match my wavelength? ( Laakin Gangale
The DWMA has students of all kinds that stand out, such as death the kid and his weapons (Liz and patty), maka and her weapon (soul), And blackstar and his weapon (tsuba...
  • albarn
  • character
  • patty
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Maka's younger sister( Soul x reader x kid x black star)*Editing* by lollypop200
Maka's younger sister( Soul x xXLollipopXx
Y/n Albarn is Maka's younger sister, they have the same dad. but different moms Y/n goes to death city to live with her dad for awhile, as y/n goes she meets her older s...
  • maka
  • kid
  • anime
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Thief of Souls by Nessa_Arts
Thief of Soulsby NessaCreatez
What happens if you were born with a tattoo that your soulmate? Well that exactly how it is for the world. It's perfect. No one has to deal with heartbreaks if they can...
  • tsubaki
  • makaxsoul
  • soulxmaka
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Neglected and Abused Male Reader x Soul Eater by alienator999
Neglected and Abused Male Reader alienator999
You were just a harmless kid but you had the worst life. You parents starved and beat you for no reason. What's worse is that your brother and sister thought it was funn...
  • blair
  • spirit
  • deaththekid
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lava | brick armstrong DISCONTINUED by peachschnapple
lava | brick armstrong DISCONTINUEDby peachschnapple
"it always has been her, it always will be her." "fuck you. fuck both of you."
  • bladell
  • insatiable
  • armstrong
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Beyblade: When their not bey battling by Zoura32
Beyblade: When their not bey Iris
*Note* This was my very first book on wattpad, so please excuse all the errors and stuff, especially me and my lazy self who won't fix it. Ever wonder what Ginga and the...
  • yuki
  • liz
  • humor
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Soul Eater Preferences  by High_Rise_Fever
Soul Eater Preferences by Name change
Thanks for the support on my Soul Eater Boys X Reader! Because of that I decided to make a Preference and imagine book! Will include (request if you want anyone else) So...
  • patty
  • souleaterevans
  • dtk
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You're Not Alone by SommieMusso
You're Not Aloneby Sommie Musso
A Kid x F!Crona fanfic about first kisses, first dances, and first loves...
  • deaththekid
  • crona
  • maka
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Soul eater fanfiction (kiddxliz , makaxsoul , Blackstarxtsubaki ) by bringontheemos
Soul eater fanfiction ( Jade
When a new threat looms over the DWMA Maka and the others are called in to help put a stop to it, however, there is a new face that appears in the mix. Will this new per...
  • kidxliz
  • professorstein
  • blackstar
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AJ White - Lemonade Mouth Fanfiction by SeleneBailey1995
AJ White - Lemonade Mouth Tori Ann Howell-Friedrich-Bai...
Hey, I'm AJ White, I'm the twin sister of Olivia White, and I am going to tell you how Lemonade Mouth became a band and how we got fame and what we deserved. This is my...
  • based-on-a-movie
  • lovestory
  • olivia-white
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Stein's Daughter (Soul Eater fanfic by musicgeek4eva
Stein's Daughter (Soul Eater fanficby ash ty
Hikari is a run-away 17 year old with nothing but the clothes on her, some food every now and then, and a scar on her face. She's run away from her horrible mother and i...
  • tsubaki
  • sama
  • star
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