Charming In Handcuffs by Jenleighna
Charming In Handcuffsby Jenna Leigh
Boy next door is charming. Boy next door is dangerous. Boy next door is on house arrest. * * * * * They've been neighbors for as long as Juliet can remember. You'd...
  • boy
  • wattys2015
  • love
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Fairy Tail : Next Generation by weaklingsbeshook
Fairy Tail : Next Generationby weaklingsbeshook
They're the kids of Fairy Tail's finest and they have a lot to live up to. Join the next gen kids as they embark of their own hectic adventures. There will be tears shed...
  • fairytail
  • next
  • gajevy
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The Next Step:Jiley's story by Team_Bryles
The Next Step:Jiley's storyby 💜✨💜
When James is in London what will Riley do when she finds out news that will change both of there lives forever?? ~~ First ever book
  • jiley
  • jileybabies
  • step
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Angel At My Doorstep! by colourful_mind
Angel At My Doorstep!by colourful_mind
WARNING: THE TEENAGE CHARACTERS SWEAR A LOT IN THIS BOOK. Olivia Divine is a quiet, rather stubborn 18 year old but believe me she has a fair share of loud moments. When...
  • angel
  • college
  • humor
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Fairy Tail: Next Generation - Volume I by KatieLove2Write
Fairy Tail: Next Generation - Katie The Terrible
Years after the events seen in Fairy Tail, we see the adventures of our heros' children as they travel Fiore seeking the adventure and action that their parents once had...
  • gale
  • gray
  • fairy
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Instagram - HP Next Generation by snowdonewithu
Instagram - HP Next Generationby Anna
The Instagram feeds of the Weasley-Potter clan plus one Malfoy and some Longbottoms over the course of a summer holiday. Featuring cute couples, best friends, and some m...
  • media
  • albus
  • generation
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We Stand Together by florencemaude
We Stand Togetherby Florence Maude
  • generation
  • diana
  • yfif
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Boys Next Door(Seventeen) by 1-800_get_help
Boys Next Door(Seventeen)by Hiatus
In a case where a girl lives next to Seventeen.... Devon's mom died causing her to go move to Korea permanently with her dad. Once she got to her destination she noticed...
  • joshua
  • shinee
  • jeonghan
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An Unlikely Bond (James Sirius Potter) by EllaJosephine
An Unlikely Bond (James Sirius EllaJosephine
James Potter. Harry and Ginny Potter's eldest son. A fifth year at Hogwarts, in Gryffindor. Ella Coleman. Daughter of Danie...
  • nextgeneration
  • next
  • hogwarts
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Realm Of Ashes (Throne of Glass #7) by Seokjinsflyingkiss
Realm Of Ashes (Throne of Glass #7)by Seokjinsflyingkiss
A cold stone settled on her already dying heart. She was going to die here and no one would save her, no one would come offering freedom, just as Chaol and Dorian had, n...
  • what
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This Is Our Time by EveryKarmaLegend
This Is Our Timeby Clever Karma
Sequel To We're From The Future. (Completed) Hugo, Emma, and Louise know their parents and their friends were the legendary saviors of Paris. Hugo just turned 16, Emma 1...
  • 2gen
  • generation
  • time
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The Jerk Next Door by Ohhlala_77
The Jerk Next Doorby Ohhlala_77
Sophia Hunts is your typical sophisticated geek but the difference is she's popular and you want to know why? It's because she lives next to Jace Carter, the hottest guy...
  • jock
  • love
  • romantic
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The Chaser and the Keeper (A HP Next Gen Story) by Failed_and_Forgotten
The Chaser and the Keeper (A HP E.J Leicester
[COMPLETED] James Potter and Kristen Wood have hated each other for years. Being the two best quidditch players in the school, they are constantly competing against eac...
  • gryffindor
  • harrypotter
  • jamespotter
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The Boy Next Door by nightinggale_finch
The Boy Next Doorby nightinggale_finch
Javiera Santos is a normal girl. Other than the fact she's a model. But what happens when she gets new neighbors? She soon learns her life is about to get turned upside...
  • boy
  • next
  • door
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Back to the Burrow || A Harry Potter Next Generation Time Turner Story by Phia628
Back to the Burrow || A Harry Phia
Never, ever, trust James Sirius Potter to go where he shouldn't go. And never, ever, trust the rest of the "Wotters" to not get mixed up in his pranks too. Whe...
  • albusseveruspotter
  • lilylunapotter
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Fairy Tail: Next Generation - Volume III by KatieLove2Write
Fairy Tail: Next Generation - Katie The Terrible
Marigold gone, and the guild reunited with who they once thought to be dead, everything has changed. Watch the end unfold, and the mysteries be revealed in the t...
  • kids
  • fan
  • marigold
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Wanna One Next Door? by miss_nyna
Wanna One Next Door?by Nynxx
Kisah 7 orang gadis yang tak tahu siapa sebenarnya jiran mereka.. Akhirnya barulah mereka tahu siapa jiran mereka..
  • door
  • wanna
  • one
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Next Generation Instagram by amnesiastyles
Next Generation Instagramby amnesiastyles
The next generation of Malfoys, Potters, Weasleys, Lupins, Longbottoms (and more) on instagram. It's better then it looks Starts as Scorlily, they break up during the fo...
  • betterthenitlooks
  • weasley
  • next
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Miami- Nochelle • hiatus by jaekinlittle
Miami- Nochelle • hiatusby niamh
What would happen if Richelle tried out for A-troupe to get Chloe's spot and got it? Mostly Nochelle, some jiley, and some micheldon .
  • dance
  • thenextstep
  • micheldon
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KND: The Fall by Accel Art (English Version) by Tranonslate
KND: The Fall by Accel Art ( Tranonslate
Seven years after the finale of the TV series, KND: The Fall shows us how teen life has been treating the members of the old Sector V when suddenly, an old foe returns m...
  • agent
  • kndthefall
  • operative
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