His Favorite [TomTord] by BlueCipher0
His Favorite [TomTord]by Blue Leader
The Red Army has made their move years ago, War raged through out the world against them. Nothing worked with the combined government powers. They were useless. The Red...
  • tomtord
  • red
  • wtfuture
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Is This My Happy Ending? Violet x clementine  by animebabe108
Is This My Happy Ending? Violet Animebabe108
Author: It's a violetine fan-fiction, I have been obsessed with this ship since I played the first episode and wanted to make a fan-fiction for it lol so here it is. Tak...
  • minerva
  • thewalkingdead
  • game
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abusive cheater ciel x reader by Taika-Senpai
abusive cheater ciel x readerby Taika-Senpai
squeal from cheater ciel x reader
  • lemons
  • some
  • wattys2018
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bc there were already too much chaps on the other book :))
  • nct
  • kpop
  • gay
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2 Nàng dâu dâm đãng 21+ [H+, BT, Some] by meidamdang
2 Nàng dâu dâm đãng 21+ [H+, BT, meimei.
ko dành cho những người ngây thơ trong sáng, yếu tim ,... - Mong các man sẽ ủng hộ mình :))
  • 18
  • loanluan
  • full
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Bartender!Cuphead x Shy!Reader (Stripper AU)  by LoverofBillCipher
Bartender!Cuphead x Shy!Reader ( Haikyuu Fna
I was just sad that there was no books like this. Image belongs to NastyRoughy on tumblr
  • thing
  • cuphead
  • stripper
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Me and my step brother by sexydemonlover14
Me and my step brotherby Verónica Rodriguez
Hello fellow readers for this story it is going to be sexual some parts may have a really good details but please if this is not for you dont read. So in the book imagin...
  • insest
  • steps
  • sexual
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Stray Chirren; Chatroom/Group Chat (COMPLETED) by GoodUsernamesGone
Stray Chirren; Chatroom/Group that♛kid
Felix decides to create a groupchat at 1:07 AM "i aint gay u dumbass"-"we know u watch porn and shit ok" -"dumb paprika mushroom"...
  • jeongsung
  • idk
  • slight
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Nữ diễn viên 18+ by meidamdang
Nữ diễn viên 18+by meimei.
cân nhắc truoc khi đọc
  • some
  • sưutầm
  • 18
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Cực Kỳ Dâm Dục 18+ by meidamdang
Cực Kỳ Dâm Dục 18+by meimei.
câu chuyện với nữ nhân vật chính là 1 tiểu thư con nhà giàu , nhưng nàng lại ko vì thế mà kênh kiệu vs mọi người xung quanh.. Tuy nhiên ít ai biết đằng sau người con gái...
  • bt
  • full
  • 18
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Criminal (BTS Namjoon ff) by AnonymousCAI1
Criminal (BTS Namjoon ff)by AnonymousCAI1
The most talented and well known secret agent in her agency, Y/N, is on a mission to investigate and take down the biggest gang of criminals ever known to man, BTS. Will...
  • comedy
  • fanfic
  • romance
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Ask Offenderman <3 by SkeletaleGTVT
Ask Offenderman <3by Felipa The Skeleton
This is my first ask thing,so.....anything goes.Smut,7 minutes in heaven,dont matter,ask away!! (Edit May 30,2018:This story has been DISCONTINUED)
  • slenderman
  • offenderman
  • babes
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Bad Boy Imagines by WheresTheMoney
Bad Boy Imaginesby WheresTheMoney
bad boy imagines
  • romance
  • boy
  • get
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MAFIA'S  NEW SIDE [ JIMIN FF] by myPchimmchim
. HIGHEST RANK : 1 It is a story of a devil king.....mafia boss and a saitan PARK JIMIN. He is the most powerful in the mafia and crime world. He loves to...
  • cute
  • one
  • we
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Daughter of the one and only Lionel Messi by openarmshawn
Daughter of the one and only Shareen
This is a story about a 12 year old girl who is the daughter of Lionel Messi. Shareen and her friends love each other. But it's not so easy for Shareen to have a normal...
  • messi
  • soccer
  • fame
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Zainourry/Harry centric by liams_directioner15
Zainourry/Harry centricby Sydney
Time won't always make things better You can't fake a smile forever Are you really doing alright? Harry 1/5 of a word wide boyband one direction. However all anyone ever...
  • zarry
  • zaynmalik
  • drug
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My Little Doll (Jason The Toymaker x reader Lemon) by Kittygalore359
My Little Doll (Jason The Inuyashafan1
You are a 17 year old girl that is trying to hold on to sanity as much as possible. Your mother died giving birth to you and your father sexually abuses you but luckily...
  • lemon
  • creepypasta
  • some
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The Bad Boy Saved Me by Onlyme16
The Bad Boy Saved Meby Kelsey
Beautiful Lacey Winters gets abused by her father and her older brother. Her father murdered her mother right before her eyes. Jace, also known as the bad boy, is best...
  • jace
  • lacey
  • some
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Random Stuff 2 by Ari-Eddsworld
Random Stuff 2by ᗪᗷᕼ Iᔕ ᑕOOᒪ
Part two :P
  • sendhelp
  • god
  • part2
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Malec Fanfiction- AU by JackieWibbels
Malec Fanfiction- AUby LiterallyAllKindsofTrash
Alec Lightwood doesn't really care for parties. When Jace and Izzy bring him to one, all he does is stand in the corner. But this time. This time is different when he me...
  • izzy
  • wattpride
  • âu
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