IT Imagines by Beep-Beep-Mike
IT Imaginesby Eddie Tozier
IT 2017/1990 imagines! Dms are open!
  • richie
  • beverly
  • stanly
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Forced To Love by KHT3012
Forced To Loveby KHT3012
Highest Ranking: #14 in ChickLit "Don't you ever touch me again! I don't want your filthy hands on me!", he screamed in my face. A new wave of tears surged to...
  • cavill
  • hatred
  • chicklit
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Bendy x reader by LoveQueenMiri1705123
Bendy x readerby Miracle Nicole Wilson
You was only 5 years old when your Uncle Joey decided that he was closing up the studio and you used to tell him that you used to see a demon-like character but like alw...
  • alice
  • jax
  • bendy
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Bowers Gang Preferences  by sctoaorkie
Bowers Gang Preferences by ♣︎ Zaddy ♣︎
^^ what the title says ^^ □ requests open □ I don't really proof read so expect many typos or autocorrected words that don't fit in.
  • ít
  • bill
  • henry
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bowers gang preferences by LoserJustWantsWaffle
bowers gang preferencesby Mini Waffles
?requests open? just a bunch of preferences and imagines about the bowers gang.
  • henry
  • belch
  • open
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I'm Not Her (Bendy x Reader) by WelshMaiden
I'm Not Her (Bendy x Reader)by Bea Byford
You are the spitting image of your mom. She used to tell you stories about her old work place and all the weird things that happened there. After 30 years, you received...
  • xreader
  • alice
  • henry
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Bendy and the Ink Machine One Shots by Janey_fnaf_fan
Bendy and the Ink Machine One Shotsby Janey
This is a one shot of Bendy and the Ink Machine. Requests are welcome. But... no OCs. These can be either reader ones or the characters with each other. * Bendy and...
  • ink
  • henry
  • oneshot
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Bendy and the Ink Machine Headcannons by Happy-Pappy-Patton
Bendy and the Ink Machine Headcann...by Who's She? Never heard of her
Headcannons One-shots Theories Things like that. - Bendy: Hiya! Me: Hiya, to you, too! Boris: *Waves* Me: *Waves back* Alice: Hello! Me: Bitch ..... Joey: Hey! Me: *Whi...
  • bertrumpiedmont
  • headcannons
  • wallyfranks
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IT ONESHOTS  by Invisible0521
IT ONESHOTS by Invisible0521
Imagines/ one shots/ scenarios/ reactions/ preferences! Includes: Bill Denbrough Richie Tozier Eddie Kaspbrak Stanley Uris Ben Hanscom Mike Hanlon Beverly Marsh (les...
  • preferences
  • bowers
  • eddie
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Once Upon A Time One shots by PiperThorn
Once Upon A Time One shotsby Piper Thorn
This is a OUAT fan fiction and REQUEST ARE OPEN Cover by @ClawdeenPhantomhive
  • onceshots
  • lostboys
  • imagines
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It Imagines (Requests Are Closed) by Radsavagee
It Imagines (Requests Are Closed)by Allygator 🦄
"We all float down here," You guess it. It's one of those IT Imagines book. Requests are closed! #275 Fanfiction 06/01/18 #233 Fanfiction 09/01/18 #215 Fanfic...
  • eddie
  • richie
  • billskarsgard
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Mine § Peter Pan/Percy Jackson [Slow] by BornOfFireHades
Mine § Peter Pan/Percy Jackson [Sl...by Susan Bezemer
What would happen if the only daughter of Artemis and the son of Poseidon somehow ended up in Neverland, right when Henry and his family are also on the island. Will Sel...
  • thesavior
  • poseidon
  • luke
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Lovin the danger♢Henry Danger X Reader♢ by SwagMastaSuga
Lovin the danger♢Henry Danger X Re...by Naila
Y/N Manchester was Ray's daughter,She also a hero in disquise,One day Ray A.K.A capt.man needs her for a while,he sends her to Swellview and bring her to every one of Ra...
  • hart
  • ray
  • sidney
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Bowers Gang Smut by Just_Me_Bella
Bowers Gang Smutby Just_Me_Bella
^^^Smut for the Bowers Gang from IT, includes the full gang and request are welcome!
  • victorcriss
  • belchhuggins
  • bowersgang
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Patrick Hockstetter Imagines by Harley---Quinn
Patrick Hockstetter Imaginesby Heathen Harley
//my friends aren't far In the back of my car... Lay their bodies//
  • imagine
  • henry
  • imagined
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Fates Intertwined ( A Prince Harry Story) by DuchessOfAquitaine
Fates Intertwined ( A Prince Harry...by Bea Breviglieri
Prince Harry/OFC ; a bit AU. The status of the european monarchies were uncertain. Revolutions were spreading from the East and making their way into Europe. The bon...
  • prince
  • royal
  • fanfiction
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Twice Upon A Time by KayMacM
Twice Upon A Timeby YourAverageFangirl
The curse is finally broken, but Emma wasn't the one to break the curse. Ava was. Henry and Ava are special, they just don't know it yet. What's so special about them? I...
  • good
  • emma
  • ava
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Youtuber Oneshots by Cutesadpencil
Youtuber Oneshotsby I want to die
Hi, I'll be writing about youtubers in the commentary community and reddit community with some exceptions with your recommendations I'm open to writing about any youtube...
  • kingani
  • pyrocynical
  • fps
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Watch Out; Henry Danger x reader  by 1-800-meme-dealer
Watch Out; Henry Danger x reader by A͙L͙I͙C͙I͙A͙
Y/N, a 13 year old girl lived in New York for most of her life. And was getting bullied to much. Her and her mom move to Swellview hoping to get away from bullying. Y/N...
  • sister
  • henry
  • updates
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Long Lost | Once Upon a Time by Forever-LostGirl
Long Lost | Once Upon a Timeby grace
The Charming family is one messed up household. What better way to confuse it even further than to throw in Emma's twin sister, a sarcastic young teenager that has had...
  • henry
  • upon
  • captainhook
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