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Last chance for honour by astarkofwinterfell
Last chance for honourby astarkofwinterfell
Sansa Stark and Jamie Lannister are forced to marry, their family's hatred for each other is inevitably going to try and rip them apart, but will their growing love for...
  • gameofthrones
  • littledove
  • margerytyrell
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Sweetly Yours by NerdyBirdie
Sweetly Yoursby E m i l y
A few days before the 25th, Farah Dailey decided to take a risk and anonymously deliever a Christmas gift to her long-time crush, Jamie Bright. Things don't go quite as...
  • shop
  • winter
  • kye
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The Bad Boy's Game. [COMPLETED] by mayamoox
The Bad Boy's Game. [COMPLETED]by M
Penelope Edwards the new girl. She has a run in with the so call school's 'Bad Boy' Jamie Miller. But what makes Jamie so bad? All the tattoos or the fights he gets into...
  • player
  • boy
  • jamie
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Beyond the fifty shades by samgrey_oficiall
Beyond the fifty shadesby Sam
Em uma bela tarde resolvi sentar e escrever algo sendo a continuação do 3 livro da E L James, nunca vou chegar a ser uma , mais é algo pessoal e para os fãs da trilogia...
  • jamie
  • anasteele
  • dakota
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The Big Seven: Seasons Awaken by TriforceDragons
The Big Seven: Seasons Awakenby Triforce Dragons
When darkness and evil returns, seven teens will take a stand. They are the only hope to save everything good. A Prophecy that was made since the Dark Evil Fours defeat...
  • rapunzelxjack
  • rapunzel
  • toothless
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Lies I've told by Usagi42
Lies I've toldby Crystal Hearts
Bart had one mission on his mind when he arrived to the past save Barry and stop blue Beetle. He knew he would have to lie to them hiding the future to help them save th...
  • impulse
  • fanfiction
  • completed
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Meet The Carters {Under Reconstruction} by ChasingMadness24
Meet The Carters {Under Reconstruc...by Kyra Blackthorn
Seventeen year old Stella Banks has just graduated from high school and can't wait to spend the summer reading and enjoying relaxing before she has to start college next...
  • ninekids
  • kendra
  • meetthecarters
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Blood Lust (Sequel to Sins of the Daughter) by Blue_Flame24
Blood Lust (Sequel to Sins of the...by Blue_Flame24
Paisley Jane and Logan began their own family. Beginning off with twin boys and then twin girls, they loved their four children a lot and supported each of their dreams;...
  • aiden
  • paisley
  • jayson
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The Girl With Violet Eyes by SamanthaWilde
The Girl With Violet Eyesby Sam
"My soul is among Lions...." Previously named: A Lannister Lion ~A Tywin Lannister Short Story~ They had called her many names. Witch. Sorceress. Enchantress...
  • lannister
  • alannisteralwayspayshisdebts
  • lannisterlion
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A Firefighter's Baby by Pattykins
A Firefighter's Babyby Patty
Charlotte 'Charlie' Stone has always loved her best friend's brother. When a party gets out of hand, Kellan Palmer is there to help. What happens when a drunken night of...
  • jamie
  • kellan
  • firefighter
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The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha Kingby It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
  • sara
  • drowning
  • dodge
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More Than Meets The Eye (Tyler Seguin Fanfic) by hockeys18
More Than Meets The Eye (Tyler Seg...by hockeys18
Meet Jamie Benn's bestfriend, a green eyed, blonde haired, Dallas star journalist, Nicola. Nicola has a really low tolerance when it comes to immature people and takes h...
  • fanfictions
  • hockey
  • jamie
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Jamie Reagan Imagines by missmarswrites
Jamie Reagan Imaginesby mars
Imagines of Jamie Reagan (Blue Bloods) that people have requested. Requests are still open so feel free to ask me to write what you want. I write Jamie/Reader, Jamie/Dan...
  • fanfiction
  • janethevirgin
  • jamiereaganimagines
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From Rejected to Rogue by ElizabethClark9
From Rejected to Rogueby Elizabeth Clark
Owned and Made by ElizabethClark9 PLEASE DON'T COPY! "No, I'm not your mate and I never ever will be I reject a worthless, pathetic, cow like you! Tell nobody about...
  • rogues
  • darius
  • lexi
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The House | Demi Lovato ✔️ by fxllinline
The House | Demi Lovato ✔️by — britt
"A spoiled ass celebrity with too much money." ~ Layla Layla Ahkari is a seventeen year old girl. Hasn't matured one bit ever since seventh grade, has a gay be...
  • demilovato
  • lovatic
  • vacation
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|| WRONG NUMBER || Noah Centineo (1st Book)  by JuliForbes
|| WRONG NUMBER || Noah Centineo (...by Ms. Centineo
New Message from (+1) 361 879 6524: "Hi, It's me" "Hey, who is 'me'?" "It's Noah, from Anthony's party?" "Don't know any Noah's...
  • jamie
  • love
  • cellphone
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Marienne's Game Of Thrones- Robb Stark by pvllyparrot
Marienne's Game Of Thrones- Robb S...by pvllyparrot
Marienne Fortitudo, known as the well-loved handmaiden of Cersei, and daughter of the Lord of one of the Great Houses in Westeros. Marienne is one of two people who kn...
  • love
  • snow
  • robb
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Are you Richard Brook or Moriarty? by TallFucker
Are you Richard Brook or Moriarty?by Taller than you
Hello people this is my first fanfiction I'm ever going to post. This story is about a 18 year old girl called Jamie who has conflict against her teacher, Mr Brook. Is h...
  • richardbrook
  • moriarty
  • completed
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Lioness' Heart (Game of Thrones) by RoyallyRelentless
Lioness' Heart (Game of Thrones)by Royally Relentless
Khal Drogo wanted a foreign wife so he crosses the Narrow Sea and goes to King Robert, asking for his daughter in an exchange not to burn and raid his country. King Robe...
  • queen
  • drogo
  • jamie
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Watching The Big Seven: Seasons Awaken by TriforceDragons
Watching The Big Seven: Seasons Aw...by Triforce Dragons
You already read the story, now read the reactions as The Big Seven and everyone else watch their future.
  • rapunzel
  • brave
  • jamie
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