Roommates|Joshaya Fanfic ✔️ by mahe3356
Roommates|Joshaya Fanfic ✔️by MaroonWolf
That's when I immediately regretted it. I regret from sending a letter to this college. Regret even seeing him again in my life. He turned forward, and I regret looking...
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When You Fall by alexkarola
When You Fallby Alex Karola
Bulimia doesn't affect guys. And guys don't diet. That's according to Sean Roemer, Katy's best friend and fellow diver on Franklin High School's varsity team. He admits...
  • eatingdisorder
  • wattpad4
  • diver
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But... you promised me SOMEDAY (Joshaya) by thenamesfangirl
But... you promised me SOMEDAY (Jo...by thenamesfangirl
"Maya...please..." the boy with the beanie said. "Josh, come on she's not going to wake up anytime soon" Josh turned around to find his niece standi...
  • riley
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Explore ⇉ Adventures In Babysitting by iWitchy
Explore ⇉ Adventures In Babysittingby Witchy
"We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship." "I mean technically it's a stolen car." [COMPLETED] [2016 Adventures In Babysitting] [Trey Ander...
  • chloe
  • katy
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second chance/ Katy Perry and Orlando bloom by LotteLovesKaty
second chance/ Katy Perry and Orla...by Lotte
Your arms opened for a hug and I disappeared in them. I hold you. Your hot muscled body against my poor soft one. Your strong protecting arms around me. I missed you. ''...
  • shortstory
  • katyperry
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believe me || Bradley Simpson. The Vamps by ilovebritstoomuch
believe me || Bradley Simpson. The...by gabrielle
“I don’t care. I need you to say it.” He simply shakes his head letting out a sigh. “I care about you too much, okay?” He whispers looking into my eyes. “And I don’t w...
  • tristanevans
  • connorball
  • thevamps
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Na tronie Czarnego Pana  by Niedocenionymalarz
Na tronie Czarnego Pana by Czarna Księżniczka ➰
Jestem Katy, choć dla wielu jestem zwykłą Śmierciożerczynią albo zabójcą. W Ministerstwie i dla mojego ojca jestem po prostu Czarną Księżniczką. Ale kim jestem dla...
  • księżniczka
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GMW Social Media by ILoveReytonAndRucas
GMW Social Mediaby ILoveGMW
Girl Meets World Social Media Book.
  • shawn
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Kaitlynn Salvatore (Klaus Mikaelson) by whoninja
Kaitlynn Salvatore (Klaus Mikaelso...by whoninja
Kaitlynn Salvatore didn't expect to find her mate when she came back to Mystic Falls. All she expected to find were her idiot brothers and their little orphan Elena. K...
  • kaitlynn
  • rebekah
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Swift's Daughter [COMPLETED] by Lou1xx
Swift's Daughter [COMPLETED]by Lou1xx
Life is tough. We all know that. But when you're the child of superstar Taylor Swift and her former boyfriend Harry Styles, life isn't just tough. It's completely imposs...
  • joe
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A Drunken Mistake by xxborntostandoutxx
A Drunken Mistakeby Chelsea
Katy Taylor is that girl you see walking down the corridor, head hanged low, trying desperatley not to draw attention to herself. Nobody knows what happens behind closed...
  • teen
  • mistake
  • drunken
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Loving So Hard ✔ by Love_Me_Hopeless
Loving So Hard ✔by ♡ m y r i ♡
Maya and Josh got drunk and "did it". What happens when Maya finds out she's pregnant with her best friend's uncle's baby? Will everyone support her or will th...
  • girlmeetsworld
  • joshaya
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Our Future: A Lux Fanfic (Book 1) by major_bookaholic
Our Future: A Lux Fanfic (Book 1)by Book_Nerd_Princess
Have you ever wondered what happens after opposition? This is how I imagine their life like. Do not read if you have not read the lux series. This stories contain spoile...
  • aliens
  • daemon
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Ariana Grande's Tickle by Armpittoes
Ariana Grande's Tickleby Armpittoes
Ariana Grande gets tickled by Katy Perry for being more popular than her! However, Katy is not the only one who wants to tickle her!
  • katy
  • perry
  • ariana
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Your Love by IC0NICIRIS
Your Loveby K4w4iikid
I would just die without it...
  • katy
  • gxg
  • wattpride
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My Love|A Korlando fanfic by katysfanfic
My Love|A Korlando fanficby katy perry trash;
this is all just korlando smut LOL
  • orlando
  • orlandobloom
  • katy
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Romantic one shots. by DonovanDelaney
Romantic one shots.by Donovan Delaney
Romantic and sexual.
  • futa
  • rilaya
  • topanga
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This town. | n.h. by harrysblueberry
This town. | n.h.by harrysblueberry
Katy Johns uczy się w liceum. Ma swojego kochanego przyjaciela, starszego brata oraz rodziców, których nigdy nie ma w domu. Jej życie jest z ogółu spokojne do momentu ki...
  • love
  • ashley
  • niallhoran
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Life changing phone call | Katy Perry Fanfiction by KatyCatLara
Life changing phone call | Katy Pe...by Peaches >~<
Katy just finished her Witness World Tour when her life changes forever. She wouldn't have thought of donating a kidney to a thirteen year old girl with cancer until she...
  • shannon
  • witness
  • lifechanging
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2019 / Jaty fanfiction by LotteLovesKaty
2019 / Jaty fanfictionby Lotte
We broke up in 2015, but things has changed. We both grew up. Developed on our own way. We have a new point of view on the world. But both still an empty place in our...
  • john
  • katyperry
  • shortstory
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