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My...Stepbrother? [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
My...Stepbrother? [boyxboy]by Jen
Hyperactive Kory is moving in with his mom, his new stepdad, and his stepdad's son. His sexy new stepbrother, Trace, takes an instant dislike to Kory. As Kory tries to g...
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A Letter To My Youth Group by notcoolwithyou
A Letter To My Youth Groupby rachel
It's short, but I just wanted to thank my Youth Group for everything they've done for me.
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The Bounce Back by HalfPilgrim
The Bounce Backby HalfPilgrim
you can give it a read if you want
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Adopted By BajanCanadian by pugislolpugislaugh
Adopted By BajanCanadianby Pug Girl
OMG Thank you guys so much!!!!! 328 freaking views,21 votes and finally 1 comment!!!!! ( ˘ ³˘)♡ Thanks so much again!!!!! luv pug
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Telling Lies & College Guys (BoyxBoy) by bear8tea
Telling Lies & College Guys (BoyxB...by Sky
I had the guy of my dreams. He's as close to perfect as a person to get. Everything he did made my heart skip a beat. Then I crushed his. All I need is a second chance...
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Rhink Or Not To Rhink by super_squidsquad
Rhink Or Not To Rhinkby Super Squid Squad
I'm rhink trash. That is all.
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'O Child of Mine (poem) by alidaflores0420
'O Child of Mine (poem)by Alida Flores
Just a poem, I guess.
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Color by bIackbirds
Colorby on hiatus
"I like you, wether you're black, blue, orange, purple, I don't care. I like you," Dylan O'Brien / AU [mature content & strong language]
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Shipwreck by Lucas-Finch
Shipwreckby Lucas-Finch
"I was the boat. She was the storm. Together we were a shipwreck, lost in the waves." Alexis Fontaine, a 16 year old girl, moves away from her small home in th...
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Inside the Mind of a Former Pyro by KajineSaika
Inside the Mind of a Former Pyroby Saika Pyro
I'm in senior high... Yet time is fastforwarding ahead of me like they want me to rush into a grown up
The Book Written Entirely Out Of Emojis by YarnStore
The Book Written Entirely Out Of E...by R.T.
From Hieroglyphics to letters and now emojis. Can you figure out what it means?
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apricaught by serenderpity
apricaughtby serenderpity
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Demons by Official_Dylan_King
Demonsby Official_Dylan_King
Bio: Dylan King is An innocent 18 Year old whom instead of going to Harvard University like her strict parents wanted her to, she travels around the world. When Dylan fi...
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Songs Turned Into Poems by Xx_GIVIN_U_HELL_xX
Songs Turned Into Poemsby Angelina Arielle Sanchez
This is just a series of poems based on my favorite song's central ideas ,lyrics ,feel, and mood. VOTE COMMENT ENJOY
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Eye Candy by Miss_Hoodnificent
Eye Candyby Miss G
Just a short story of mine (: Hopefully you'll enjoy. -Miss_Hoodnificent
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hooting 101 | tags, journals, rants by bokutory
hooting 101 | tags, journals, rantsby ♡
read my latest rants i'm funny this book used to be a tag book only thats why its so shitty in the beginning lmao
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Into Darkness {A Short Story} by TheUltimateMary
Into Darkness {A Short Story}by Mary Olsen
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Top Ten Worst Creepypastas by loopdydoo
Top Ten Worst Creepypastasby loopdydoo
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Dreaming Star by ShootingStar1000
Dreaming Starby Star
Scarlet, is a 12 year old girl whose dream to be a singer is crushed in an instant. When she is offered to throw away her old life to follow her dreams as a new person...
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