Cupid's Match

Cupid's Match

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LAUREN PALPHREYMAN By LEPalphreyman Completed

In a world where everyone has a perfect match, what if you were matched with the dangerous, notoriously good looking, original bad boy...Cupid himself?
Dear Lila,
I am contacting you on behalf of The Cupids Matchmaking Service.
You will not have heard of us but we are an organization that works behind the scenes of society, identifying each person's perfect match. 
Usually we would not contact our clients. We prefer to work in secrecy - setting up the ideal environment for the two matches to have a chance encounter. 
Recently, however, we ran your details through our system your case...
We think you'd better come in. 
Please respond at your earliest convenience.
Yours Urgently,
The Cupids Matchmaking Service


Follow Lila into a world of cupids, arrows, betrayal and love in the Watty Award winning novel that has gained over 28 million reads online. 

***NOW PUBLISHED AS AN AUDIOBOOK WITH HACHETTE!!! Search for Cupid's Match on Audible/Itunes/Bandcamp/Amazon,  or find a link on my Wattpad profile if you want to check it out! ***


Cupid's Match is a Wattpad Featured read.
Watty Award Winner 2016 for 'Most Voracious Read'
Winner of The Fiction Awards 2016 in the Paranormal category
Note: The Wattpad version of Cupid's Match is a first draft.

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Kaylieee101 Kaylieee101 a day ago
This was so good!!! This is what pushed me to read the book!!!
limatho limatho a day ago
Anyone noticed how the trailer of this book is LITERALLY THE ONLY TRAILER of any book😂 and, no offense, I felt like the trailer thingy made it look way better but I'm not a big fan of the book, personally
DAngelVal DAngelVal a day ago
Thanks for writing this book. I'm sure I will enjoy every part of it.
Ailanimaubee Ailanimaubee a day ago
This book has been in my library since I started wattpad.... time to read the damn thing
shonacuty shonacuty a day ago
The vedio made me to pick this book.. it's just dragged me here to search the story n read.. the vedio s just awesome.. Looking forward to read all 90 chap😁
LoveNicky4ever LoveNicky4ever a day ago
I read this book centuries ago and I just saw the trailer and I had to come back. The trailer is so good