Chapter 34

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So much for hiding that I'm Cupid's Match

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So much for hiding that I'm Cupid's Match.

Selena sits herself down next to me. She leans back on her hands allowing her long hair to brush against gingham rug.

"Alright Cal" she says in greeting, casting her gaze towards the blonde Matchmaking Agent.

He sharply nods his head - his expression contorted into one of discomfort.

"Selena" he says shortly.

The siren's eyes twinkle.

"Still a barrel of laughs I see..." she replies drily.

She turns towards Cupid who has just sat back down on his cushion. He looks marginally embarrassed, and I can't help but smirk.

Even though the two brothers said Selena was dangerous, I find myself liking her already.

"So..." she says, raising an eyebrow "What trouble have you got yourself into now?"

Cupid frowns.

"I think you already know" he says, his eyes seem to involuntarily dart towards me.

She smiles.

"I do" she replies "But I take it you've come here for my help - so I would rather hear it from you. As far as I can see there is a very simple solution to your predicament."

She slides her gaze over to me, her brown eyes sparkling behind her long eyelashes.

"We're not handing Lila over to the Arrows" says Cal sharply.

Selena looks briefly surprised.

"Oh it's like that is it?!" she says. "Cal! I never would have thought it possible!"

I shoot a look towards the Matchmaking Agent who looks furious, then back at Selena.

It's like what?

"It's not like anything," Cal snarls "Just we're not handing her over to the Arrows."

She smirks then shakes her head.

"Course not honey" she agrees "I wasn't going to suggest it. I'm merely wondering why your brother doesn't just leave town"

She raises a questioning eyebrow at Cupid.

"The Arrows can't allow you to match" she continues "If you left and assured them you would not pursue this...endeavour...perhaps they would leave you both alone."

"How did you know Lila was my match?" asks Cupid, ignoring her suggestion "I thought the Arrows didn't know yet."

Selena smiles.

"Why else would you have brought a human girl here?" she says "Probably not the smartest move sweetie. The word is out that you have a match - and the Arrows aren't the only ones who are against it happening."

Cupid frowns.

"What about you?" he asks seriously. "Are you on our side?"

Selena shrugs.

"It's against your company policy" she says "And you must be aware of the consequences. But they are of little concern to me. I will continue to flourish under either outcome, as I have done so in the past. For your own sakes though" she continues "Why don't you just leave town?"

I briefly wonder what she means by either outcome, but Cupid interrupts my thoughts.

"I think it's a little late for that now" he says.

Selena nods.

"Perhaps you're right" she says sadly "they are looking for the Finis after all."

Cal darts a look at her.

"So they were serious with their threat?"

Selena nods.

"Are they ever not?" she says "I'm guessing your main reason for finding me is to see if I know where it is?"

Cupid nods.

"I don't know the location" she says "But I believe there is a record of it's last known place in the Cupids Matchmaking Service Archives. You'll have to check there. As for keeping the girl have a plan?"

Cupid nods.

"Do you remember the time in France?" he says "Before we dated. The Arrows were after the girl Cal was trying to prevent from matching. You helped us then."

Selena smiles.

"I'd almost forgotten about that" she says "Cal thought it was a bad match and in an incredibly uncharacteristic manner...broke the rules!"

She glances at the Matchmaking Agent then at me.

"It is probably hard to believe" she says "But he can be a sweetheart sometimes."

I turn to Cal and, on meeting my gaze, he hurriedly looks away; occupying himself with a cheese tartlet from beside the picnic basket. I notice a flush of colour in his usually pale face.

I try to suppress a grin and Selena's eyes twinkle.

"The plan could at least buy you some time...." she continues, looking back at her ex.

Cupid raises an eyebrow.

"So are you in?" he asks.

She pauses a moment as though in thought then smiles.

"We did have some fun back in the day didn't we?"

Then she nods.

"Sure" she says. "I'm in."

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