Chapter 67

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Cupid takes a step towards me and squeezes my hand

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Cupid takes a step towards me and squeezes my hand. He looks at me intensely for a moment, his eyes briefly lingering on my lips.

"It won't be easy" he continues "But an army of Myths will be the last thing Venus is expecting."

Wake up some Myths?    

I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. My hands feel clammy.

It's been a really weird day...

Cupid, as though noticing my discomfort, leans forwards. He rests his head briefly on mine – his hair still wet from his time in the glass container. He feels warm despite his soaking clothes and I feel my heartbeat begin to race.

"It'll be dangerous - but I'll keep you safe." He says seriously. "I promise Lila."

Cal coughs awkwardly from behind us.

I turn my head to look at him. He looks annoyed.

"What will it take for you both to understand??" he says "Cupids cannot be matched."

Cupid raises an eyebrow.

"I think the damage is already done brother" he says.

His expression is dry, but he takes a step backwards anyway.

"See you in there lovebug" he says.

He winks at me then goes and sits inside one of the tiny, barred rooms – closing the door behind him.

I look up at Cal – his expression is still stony. 

A thought occurs to me.

"Why can't we just pull their microchips out?" I ask him "Cupid pulled yours out when you got shot in the Sim and you were alright."

Cal frowns and his eyes flash irritably.

That was when he saved me.

I wonder if that's a memory he'd rather forget.

"It doesn't work like that" he says sharply "These Sims are made specifically for containment. They have a much harsher psychological effect than the training simulations. You pull one of these out before the prisoner is ready, and their brain won't be able to cope with it. They'll die."

I frown.

"Are you coming with us?"

He shakes his head.

"I need to stay here to hack the system" he says "if I don't you could all end up trapped in your own personal hells."

My eyes widen.

"Is that likely to happen?!"

Cupid laughs from behind his door.

"So dramatic brother..." he calls out.

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