Chapter 14

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Cupid's gaze slides from mine and falls onto Cal

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Cupid's gaze slides from mine and falls onto Cal.

I notice an immediate flicker of recognition in his eyes - but not surprise.

Was he expecting to see Cal here?

I can't see the matchmaking agent's face but his shoulders have tensed; his posture even more rigid than usual. Cupid smirks, and then allows his eyes to slip onto Chloe, the girl at the next desk. He grins wickedly and gives Cal a subtle half nod. Kelly, the other cheerleader is still hung from his arm.

I slowly exhale - not even aware that I'd been holding my breath.

Has Cal's plan worked? Does he think she's his match?

Charlie leans over to my desk.

"Told you he was hot!" she whispers triumphantly. "I heard he was excluded from his old school. Moved to Forever Falls half way through Summer and he's already dated half the cheerleading team."

"Sounds like an ass," I retort.

Charlie nods and sighs.

"A hot ass," she agrees seriously.

Cupid throws himself into a seat near the front and Kelly skips off to sit with her friends. I fumble around with my rucksack, trying to distract myself from looking at the back of his head. 

I have a boyfriend I remind myself.

I pull out a notepad as Ms Green walks into the room. She surveys the room over her spectacles.

"Welcome class," she says. "Ah good, our new starters are already here. We have Cal," she gestures towards him. "And - I'm sorry Mr Bellator, I don't think I have your first name."

My supposed match stands up and turns around to face us all. He is breathtakingly tall; Ms Green looks tiny in comparison. I find my eyes travelling along his stomach muscles through the grey cotton of his t-shirt and I hurriedly look away.

"Cupid," he says, smirking and giving a half wave before sitting back down. He leans back in his seat, stretching out casually.

A number of people laugh and I overhear James murmur;

"Is this guy for real?"

Ms Green looks momentarily flustered - her cheeks turning red. 

"Erm...very Cupid," she splutters before composing herself "Well class, I hope you will make them both feel very welcome."

She approaches the blackboard and writes: Classics and Ancient History across it.

"Now," she begins, "this semester we will be exploring the Ancient world; the Gods and Goddesses, the wars, the art and the people. To start, let's get inspired by our friend Cupid here" she says beaming at our new classmate "Can anyone tell me the name of the Ancient Roman Goddess of love?"

Charlie leans over to my desk again.

"She totally fancies him," she giggles.

I roll my eyes. 

"Gross," I reply in a whisper.

"I can't believe he's calling himself Cupid," she continues. "I've heard it's a nickname he got because of his reputation with the ladies..."

I raise an eyebrow in fake interest.

If only she knew the truth. According to Cal - it's not a nickname at all - he is Cupid.

"You said he got expelled from his old school?" I say "Any idea why?"

Charlie is about to respond when Ms Green does her standard I'm annoyed at being interrupted throat clear.

I look up and she is staring at us disapprovingly.

"I was going to ask for volunteers to act as mentors for our new students - to make sure they know where everything is and have everything they need," she says sharply. "But as you two are such chatterboxes today perhaps I don't need to."

She glares at us and in front I see Cal's shoulders tense once more.

"You can both do it. Charlie - you will look after Cal," she says then turns her glare towards me.

Cupid has swiveled round and is leaning over the back of his seat. He looks me in the eye once more - an amused expression on his face. I breathe in sharply. I already know what Ms Green is going to say.

"Lila - you will be matched with Cupid."

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