Chapter 48

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An extract from Records of the Finis

Whitechapel, London, 1888

Crystal's account

My search for the Finis led me to Victorian London.

It was said that there was a beast in these parts - part man, part something else entirely. He had stolen the final arrow, and hidden it within his abode.

I arrived in the dead of night. A thick fog was in the air mixed with a heavy silence.

I'd had to dress the part, and my long, blue skirts made a scratching sound as they dragged across the pavement. I was afraid it would be hard to fight dressed in this way, and I clutched at the special sword that hung under my cloak for comfort.

As I navigated the roads, I wondered whether the humans who had built these streets realised they had unknowingly made a labyrinth for him. 

I had to marvel at his power then - he had subversively made them do it; he had made them create a vast maze out of the rows of terraced houses, shadowed alleyways and dead ends for him to reside within.

It was a place where it was easy to get lost and impossible to escape.

The beast had always liked a labyrinth.

I progressed onwards. I knew that his home would be at the very centre. That's where he would keep the weapon that would kill anyone who shared the blood of Cupid.

I hid by a wall as two police constables passed by in their tall helmets.

"The Ripper is still at large." I heard one say as their voices muffled into the fog. "Four murders and counting."

I hurried on - clutching the sword even tighter. The humans thought a man had committed the grisly killings - but it was no man.

It was the beast.

The one we knew as the Minotaur.

It was over an hour before I realised I was getting close. The alleys and snicketways grew closer together and before long I reached a tall, wooden fence.

At the foot was a pool of liquid. I bent down and studied it.


This had to be it.

I pulled myself over the rotting fence, and landed on a carpet of dead leaves that led to a mansion. It was tall and foreboding - the roof crumbling in parts. I doubted any human had ever set eyes on it before - it was too far hidden within the maze.

I took a deep breath, and made my way towards the large, wooden door. I had just grasped the cold metal knocker when it opened of its own accord.

I stepped inside into an entrance hall, lit up dimly by oil lamps. The air smelt damp and musty. I moved forwards through the doorway ahead.

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