Chapter 70

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I scramble backwards on the floor

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I scramble backwards on the floor.

Bile forces its way up my throat as the double doors in the ground burst open – releasing one of the Sins.


It looks like a huge, worm. Its bulbous, swollen flesh drips a sticky fat like substance and shudders as it lurches forwards. With each movement it makes, the squelching sound I heard earlier resounds about the room.

It gives off a pungent odour that's acrid and sour; the smell of old sweat, rotting garbage and death.

Pandora stands before it, swishing her sword through the air– her dark eyes fixed on the embodiment of the Sin before her. Her words repeat themselves over and over in my mind.

Don't get eaten.

Suddenly Gluttony rears its entire top half into the air, exposing its underside which is completely covered with sharp, needle like teeth. It stays there a moment, its body pulsing, before suddenly it turns and lurches in my direction.

"Lila" shouts Cupid "Get out of the way"

I scramble to my feet and instinctively I reach into the quiver over my shoulder and pull out an arrow. I thrust it upwards as the monstrous creature slashes its top half towards me.

As I do, the black weapon sinks into the side of its body – its rolls of fat sucking it in. I try to pull away, but find half of my arm drawn into its flesh; it's moist and hot and feels like jelly.

The stench is unbearable and the intense pressure against my arm makes me feel light-headed with pain.

I gag as Cupid springs to my side.

With a heave, he hauls me away from the beast; a suctioning noise resounds as my arm is released from its flabby prison. We both fall to the floor and Pandora leaps before us – slashing at the monster with her sword and scattering lumps of flesh about the arena.

The monster however does not slow down.

It bears closer and closer towards her – forcing her to move backwards until she is fighting with her back to the far wall. Every time a part of it is cut off, its body pulses and pushes a new roll of slippery fat in its place. It moves with an extraordinary speed, its teeth gnashing and gnawing through the air towards Pandora.

"A little help here" she calls between heavy breaths "WOULD BE NICE..."

Cupid gets back onto his feet and grabs his black bow.

He looks at the creature distastefully.

"It's just so....gross" he says.

She throws him a dirty look as the beast hits her with the side of its body – throwing her across the floor.

"OK, I'm coming" Cupid says, leaping towards it. "As long as I don't have to touch it..."

He fires a rain of arrows into its swollen body.

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