Chapter 62

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Cal stands in the doorway glaring at us through the sheet of rain falling from the sky. For a moment no-one speaks.

My head is whirring from the kiss, Cupid's words, and Cal's news.

Mom's home.

We stand there frozen. Then Cal's silvery eyes flash through the darkness.

"Get inside" he snarls "the pair of you."

Then he spins on his heel and turns back through the door.

Hesitantly I pull my gaze up to Cupid. The rain has flattened his hair and water streams down his face. He meets my look, his eyes unusually worried, and gives me a half nod.

I turn and follow Cal inside, Cupid close behind me.

Indoors Cal is back on the phone, his back to us both. As Cupid closes the door he turns suddenly. He has two towels in his hand. He throws one at Cupid forcefully - who catches it and stares at his brother warily.

Then he thrusts the other out to me. His silver eyes blaze furiously but I can sense something else beneath the anger.


I think guiltily back to the dance and the way his arms had enclosed around me. It suddenly dawns on me that maybe the dance meant more to him than to me.

But Cupid is my match. He knew that all along.

"Thank you" I mumble, taking the towel out of his hand and looking down at my feet.

He says nothing, only turns back around and skulks off down the corridor, pushing the phone back to his ear.

"What's going on there now Crystal?" I hear him say "Are we safe...?"

I look up at Cupid, the towel hanging limply in my hand.

He has used his to dry his hair which now stands up in random spikes.

"Here" he says, gently taking mine off me.

He whirls it over my shoulders and uses it to pull me closer to him. Gently he brushes a wet strand of hair behind my ear.

I shiver – unsure if it's related to the cold rainwater running down my body or the effect of Cupid standing so close.

We kissed. I can't believe we kissed.

"What's going to happen?" I ask weakly "The earthquake, the match, the...."

"Kiss?" Cupid finishes for me softly.

I nod.

"Is Venus really back?" I say.

Cupid frowns then nods slowly.

"Afraid so lovebug" he says quietly.

I take a step back and he lets me go. My stomach is turning.

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