Chapter 66

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Venus places her hand on the glass container to the left

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Venus places her hand on the glass container to the left. Inside it Crystal floats, ghost like, in the water. Wisps of her blonde hair twist and twirl in slow motion around her pale face.

Is she dead? Oh god. Is she dead?

Venus looks at Cal.

"This one is for you!" she says.

Then she runs over to the second translucent door and brings her doll like gaze to my face.

"And this one...this one is for you!"

Cupid's thumps against the glass behind her are becoming weaker. His eyes are bulging in panic but they have found me. I can see his mouth moving but the words are lost behind the window.

Adrenalin surges through my body making every inch of me tremble. My stomach is turning and I'm dangerously close to throwing up.

I need to get him out of there.

She claps her hands together impatiently.

"Well? Come on then" she says "Are you going to open your presents or not?"

For a moment I stay rooted to the spot.

Is this a trick?

Then I don't care anymore; I don't care if it's a trick, or if Venus is going to kill me, or that I'm going to be put to trial. I don't care that Cal has betrayed me, or that I'm terrified, or that I may never get to see my dad again.

All I care about is Cupid – his life slowly trickling away into that container of water.

I bolt forwards, past the desk, and past Venus – my body slamming into the glass door.

I place my palms all over it, trying to find out how to get it open.

There's no door handle.

How can I get him out?

Inside Cupid looks calmer than before – his usually ruffled hair standing on end in the water. He taps against the glass to get my attention then gestures with his head. I follow his gaze.

Venus still stands between the two doors. She dangles a key delicately from her fingers.

"Silly little match" she says "You'll need a key to open that door."

I rush forwards and snatch it from her – her sickly sweet scent washing over me as I get close. I don't look to her face for a reaction; I just race back, my eyes searching for a key hole.

I can't find it.

Cupid taps against the glass again and points to my left.

There's a small hole in the glass. I jam in the key, turn, and pull backwards.

The door bursts open and I am engulfed with ice cold water. I fall onto my back gasping as Cupid crashes down on top of me. His skin is cold and wet and he burrows his head down by my shoulder as he splutters and gulps in the room's scented air.

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