Chapter 45

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Crystal turns to me - her blue eyes wide and alert

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Crystal turns to me - her blue eyes wide and alert. She plunges her hand into the pocket of her white trousers and pulls out her phone.

She throws it to me and then pulls Charlie to her feet.

"Call Cal" she instructs - her voice urgent "Speed dial three."

I do what she says, my heart thumping in my chest.

The Arrows are coming.

I thrust the phone to my ear as it starts to ring. In front of me Crystal swipes Charlie's bow off the ground. It's starting to get dark now and her eyes dart anxiously around the room as though expecting one of the agents to jump out from the shadows any second.

Cal picks up.

"What is it Crystal?" he asks sharply "I'm kind of in the middle of something..."

"Cal!" I interject quickly "It's me...we're in..."

Before I can say anything else the blonde agent pushes me and I fly backwards into the mantelpiece. The phone drops from my hand and I'm about to cry out when a shattering sound fills my ears.

I throw my hands over my face as the window to Charlie's front room disintegrates into tiny shards of glass that are projected across the hardwood floor. I look up just in time to see the black arrow that pierced through it plunge into the wall and turn into ash.

They're here.

I turn to the hole where the window was moments before.

Almost immediately a tanned, muscular male in a black suit jumps through into the living room, a quiver full of arrows over his shoulder. He swiftly pulls out a black one and runs towards me. My eyes dart across the room to Crystal. She has thrown Charlie back onto the couch and raises the bow, ready to shoot.

She fires.

There is a whooshing sound and for a moment I think her arrow is going to hit its target.

But then the agent advancing towards me dodges, grabs me by the throat and slams me into the wall.

Pain sears into my back.

I grapple against his grip - struggling to breathe - as he raises the cupid arrow.

I urgently look for Crystal. A dark haired female dressed similarly to my attacker has just tackled her to the ground.

Panic consumes me.

She can't help me.

I struggle against him for a few more moments and manage to knee him in the crotch. He grunts and his grip momentarily loosens. I take the opportunity and thrust forwards. Then, remembering the manoeuvre Cupid showed me hours before, I hook my leg around his and push.

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