Chapter 64

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Cal marches me outside

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Cal marches me outside.

The sky is now light and the storm from earlier has desisted - leaving puddles of water on the ground. The army of Venus' agents have begun to march back up Juliet Hill and their boots squelch in the mud.

Cal and I follow – his hand tightly curled around my arm.

"How could you do this?" I hiss.

My stomach is turning and I feel cold all over.

They're taking me to Venus.

Cal ignores me – his silver eyes focussed straight ahead.

I have to get away.

I glare at him angrily, and then suddenly with all the force I can muster I pull my arm away. It slips out of his hand and I feel a moment of brief elation before he grabs me again and whirls me around to face him.

"Where are you going to go Lila?" he snaps "Look around you."

I stare at him and then do as he says – taking in the masses of armed agents surrounding us. My heart sinks.

"They'd catch you in an instant" he says irritably "Would you really rather someone else take you in?"

We glare at each other.

"Yes" I snarl "I'd rather be taken in by any one of them than by you. Traitor."

For a moment I think I detect a flash of hurt cross his face but then he looks at me stonily once more.

"Believe me Lila" he says "No you wouldn't."

He pushes me ahead of him and we continue walking up the hill. As we do one of the passing agents looks at me and smirks. He looks familiar.

One of the Arrows. 

The one I'd shot when we'd rescued Crystal.

I stop still in my tracks and Cal is forced to halt alongside me.

"What's he doing here?" I say through gritted teeth "he tortured Crystal"

"The Arrows have always been an extension of the Matchmaking Service" he says "if a little extreme... We're all united under her now."

He pulls at my arm again and we start walking once more. When we reach the top of the hill I halt again.

Hundreds of expensive looking cars are lined up over the entirety of the summit.

Being a cupid has its perks Cal had said to me when he trained me for the first time.

I throw another angry look at him.

How could he do this? To me? To Cupid?

Then I have another thought which gives me a brief inkling of hope.

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