Chapter 60

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I stare blankly at Cal's phone

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I stare blankly at Cal's phone. A sinking feeling fills the pit of my stomach. Then I glance at Cupid.

His head is still lolled back against the back of the seat. His eyes are now closed and his breathing is fast and shallow.

He is obviously in pain from the influx of Ardor arrows.

My eyes find Cal's in the rear view mirror.

"Their condition is Cupid" I say quietly as he drives onwards "The Matchmaking Service are letting us go back safely because Crystal told them they could have Cupid."

Charlie inhales sharply at the news but to my surprise Cal doesn't react - merely gives a non-committal shrug.

"I thought as much" he says as we reach a sign reading Forever Falls.

I glare at him.

"What? You mean you're OK with this?" I say.

His angular features harden.

"You don't understand anything do you?" he snaps "They were hardly going to let us off with no consequence. You know what happens now if Cupid is matched I presume? He's been on their Undesirable list for years. You should be thankful it's not you they're after."

I sit in stunned silence a moment before Charlie turns around and looks at me.

"Maybe he's right Lila" she says unsurely "I'm new to all this - but if those Arrow guys are after you and Cupid because they think you're going to get together...well if he's in custody with the Matchmaking Service then they'll have no reason to try and kill you."

I open my mouth to retort but beside me Cupid rolls his head towards me and looks at me with bleary eyes.

"S'OK Lila" he mumbles.

I look at him concerned.

"Cupid?" I say "Are you alright?"

"He'll be fine" snaps Cal "The Ardor just needs to work its way out of his system. Crystal recovered. He'll be fine."

I glare at Cal again.

"Are you seriously going to let them take him?" I ask "When he's like this? He can't defend himself. What will they do to him?"

Cal takes a turn and I realise we are approaching the hill by Cupid's house.

"They'll put him up for trial" he says "It's no less than he deserves."

Moments later Cupid's house looms up before us. Cal takes us down the driveway and parks the car outside the front door. The lights are on inside the house and spill out onto the driveway through the glass front.

"I can't believe you're even contemplating this" I say angrily "What's wrong with you? He's your brother! And" I add "He said he was leaving town after he got the Finis anyway."

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