Chapter 52

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I don't answer for a moment. I can hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

Cupid still stands too close to me in the school corridor. His eyes bore into mine.

"I...uh..." I begin.

"Go to the dance with me" he repeats.

He raises an eyebrow expectantly.

I sigh.

I want to say yes but...

"What about the Arrows?" I say "Is it really a good idea?"

Cupid takes a small step backwards and an odd look flashes across his face. Then he grins.

"We're in danger already Lila" he says "They tried to kill you, they turned Charlie into one of them, and now they've kidnapped Crystal. What more can they do?"

His blue green eyes twinkle mischievously and I feel a smile creep onto my face.

I roll my eyes.

"Fine" I say.

Cupid grins.

"Great, I'll pick you up at 7 from..."

I take a small step back.

"Wait" I say "I have a condition"

He furrows his eyebrows.

"Selena said if we were matched then the founder of the Matchmaking Service would come back" I say "I want to know why Cal, and the Arrows, are so set on that not happening."

Cupid doesn't say anything - merely looks at me.

"I'll go to the dance with you" I continue "But I want to know who the founder is"

Cupid's face becomes serious. His jawline tenses.

"If you know" he says "You might not want to go to the dance with me"

I frown.

"Isn't that a decision I have a right to make?" I say.

I notice a darkness flicker across his eyes as he nods slowly.

"I thought you said you didn't believe the founder would come back anyway?" I say.

He smiles weakly.

"Yeah...well...still...." he shrugs.

He looks at me again uncertainly. It's strange to see someone with his strong physique and usual arrogant air seem so lost.

Then he sighs heavily.

"Fine" he says "I'll tell you - but after the dance. Go to the dance with me, and afterwards I'll tell you anything you want to know."

He grins.


He holds out a hand for me to shake. I look at it a moment then sigh.

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