Playing Matchmaker (Watty Awards 2015)

Playing Matchmaker (Watty Awards 2015)

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❝One day your Prince will come. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost
and is too stubborn to ask for directions.❞

Nova Lockheart is sick of playing matchmaker between her friends. So, when her closest friends attempt to play a stupid game of cupid with her, and the arrow shot through Tyler Bradford's heart - the boy known for breaking them - Nova realised that her life was going to be changed forever. 

A fake relationship, a tonne of sarcasm, a little bit of sexual tension, and what have you got?

Nova and Tyler, the two who can only describe their 'relationship' as a hate ship, two crazy best friends, a matchmaker brother, and the help of Nova's cat, Meownce.

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Teen Fiction #7
Cover by @iwearheelys

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Trashcan1202 Trashcan1202 3 days ago
Yeah just saw the connection from Octavian and wanted to point out (even if it wasn't intentional) the historical irony
DessertGoddess DessertGoddess 5 days ago
Girl I literally have an affair with my bed if you don't know already
little_me_tara little_me_tara 5 days ago
I use to love this name I still do but I get embarrassed  saying  I do cause everyone thinks it's weird
If someone did all that crap just to wake me up I would lose my shït. Cuz first of all I love sleeping. And second of all. Why say my name so may times. I get it I'm awesome. But get some rest people