Chapter 54

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I open my eyes to see Cal's face close to mine.

All around us people are dancing to some loud dance track blaring from the speakers. The pink lights still flash on and off in time to the music.

I blink a couple of times.

What's going on? I must have passed out or something.

"Lila?" says Cal gently "Lila are you alright?"

"I...uh..." I begin.

Suddenly I notice I am being supported by Cal's arms cradled steadily behind my back. Despite his slender frame I can feel his strength radiating from his tensed muscles.

I look at him curiously a moment and he hurriedly pulls me up towards him so that my feet are flat on the ground. I find my face just inches from his and I notice an odd look flash across his features before he hurriedly lets go and takes a step backwards.

"Are you OK?" he asks again.

His silvery eyes are wide with concern.

"Yes" I say "I'm fine....what happened? Did I faint? Where's Cupid?"

Cal looks are me worriedly.

"Cupid went after the Arrows" he says slowly "I know you can't remember - you're a human - but you were just hit by a Capax Lila"

"Huh?" I say "Are you sure? I can see the different showed them to me"

Cal nods slowly.

"Yes you can see them" he says slowly as though explaining to a small child "But you're still human. Remember what I told you before. When a human is hit by an arrow they forget about it"

I frown.

The Capax?

But I feel fine.

Around us the harsh pink lighting mellows and brushes over the sharp angles on Cal's face as a slow song begins to play. People in the gym us start to pair off and dance together.

"Cupid's gone?" I ask.

Cal nods.

I look at him. There's something about him that's different than usual.

He seems brighter somehow. I feel an urge to be close to him.

He maintains my eye contact but looks uncomfortable.

"Dance with me" I say.

His eyes widen.

"I...uh...Lila" he says "We should probably get out of here...wait for Cupid..."

I shake my head.

"We're here now" I say "Cupid knows where to find us"

I take a step towards him. He doesn't move back but I can tell by the expression on his face that he is troubled.

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